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A9007: Copper Facts

Copper is a diverse and vital metal in both past and present civilizations. Because of its unique properties and history, there are many interesting industrial, societal, and elemental facts about copper that are worth sharing. This document provides readers with highlighted facts focusing on copper's distinctive characteristics.
123/6: Copper in Plant, Animal and Human Nutrition

Reviews current knowledge on copper's role in physiology and metabolism of crops, animals and man. Treats copper deficiencies and their symptoms. Nineteen chapters summarize information from 149 selected references. 42 color plates. Prepared by CDA United Kingdom, with support from International Copper Research Association.
(84 pgs.) $5.00
A7028: Copper-Nickel Website CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains the pages of the Copper-Nickel website (www.coppernickel.org), which also resides at www.copper.org. Since new content and features are added to the website on a regular basis, users of the CD-ROM are advised to visit the website for the most up-to-date information. Features include information on alloys, a comprehensive applications review and a listing of Copper-Nickel references.
1 free (add'l $0.25 ea)
A9009: Copper Production from Mine to Mill Product

Colorful 11"x17" chart depicting and explaining the steps involved from mining and crushing through fabricable wire, tube, rod, bar, plate, sheet, strip, foil or casting products.
(1 pg.) 1 free (add'l $0.25 ea). Call (212) 251-7200 for quantities of 100 or more.
A1214: Copper Standards—A 70-Year History

Discusses the role of ASTM Committee B-5 and its partnership with the copper industry in establishing worldwide, accepted standards that reflect the great advances and technological changes that have occurred within the industry. Highlights beakthrough areas where ASTM standardized products and test methods have been introduced. Reprint, ASTM Standardization News, August 1998.
(12 pgs.) 
A1309: The U.S. Copper-base Scrap Industry and Its By-products - 2013
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This report is a comprehensive study of the copper alloy secondary processing industry.