Industrial: Bronze Bearings


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7083: Cast Bronze Bearing Design Manual
[4.4 Mb]
Design and lubrication of 360-degree bearings. Originally published by the Cast Bronze Bearing Institute, Inc.
A1063: Cast Copper Alloy Sleeve Bearings Selection Guide
[4.12 Mb]
Describes the principles of lubricated bronze journal bearing design. Discusses the many alloys successfully being used and their applications. The text enable users to choose the optimum bearing material and dimensions for a designated service condition.
(74 pgs.)
702/6A: Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials
Abbreviated presentation of basic design principles for sleeve bearings comparing properties of five families of the 17 most used standard bearing bronzes.
701/4: Wear Properties of Heavily Loaded Copper-Base Bearing Alloys
[1.15 Mb]
Discusses the microstructure, bearing properties and wear mechanisms of four copper-base bearing alloys. Includes phase diagrams and photomicrographs. Reprint, Journal of Metals, October 1983.
(6 pgs.)