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A9011: 50-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Document

Terms of the 50-Year Limited Warranty on residential plumbing tube and fittings are fully stated on handsome certificates that you can display in your model homes and pass to customers along with the keys to their new homes.
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Quality Is The Reason Brochures
For home builders to distribute to potential customers, these brochures tell home buyers why the home builders chose the highest quality materials for their home. They ensure that copper quality and value don’t go unnoticed.
A9002: Why your builder chose all-copper wiring
A9013: Why your builder chose copper communications wiring
A9001: Why your builder chose copper plumbing
A9005: Why you should choose copper plumbing
A9004: Why your builder chose copper flashing
A9017: Why your builder chose flexible copper tube for gas distribution
A9010: Why your builder chose solid brass hardware
A9003: Why your builder chose solid brass plumbing fixtures