CDA Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA) is a U.S-based, not-for-profit association of the global copper industry, influencing the use of copper and copper alloys through research, development and education, as well as technical and end-user support. CDA is committed to promoting the proper use of copper materials in sustainable, efficient applications for business, industry and the home.

Vision Statement:

Copper Development Association Inc. promotes the goals of our members while serving the needs of the users, purchasers, designers and specifiers of copper and copper alloy products.


  • Are the world’s foremost resource on copper and copper alloy applications
  • Facilitate collaboration between world copper producers, copper product fabricators, and key decision makers in the global market
  • Positively influence the use of copper and its alloys in the marketplace
  • Develop and share meaningful, credible and scientifically sound knowledge related to the production and use of copper and copper alloy products
  • Support and promote technologies, systems, applications and solutions, in which copper materials play a role  
  • Develop and maintain a team of highly talented, dedicated and professional individuals committed to promoting the successful use and application of copper materials
  • Promote the benefit of copper materials, their reliability, durability, sustainability, and antimicrobial property
  • Encourage corporate and environmental responsibility