Topic Archive: Industrial & Marine Applications

  • Dec. '06
    High Strength Copper Steel for Rail Tank Cars to Bridges
    This paper shows that the new Copper Steel has advantages over steel presently used in railroad tank cars. The higher strength leads to weight saving; higher impact fracture toughness mitigates against brittle failure particularly at low temperatures. An update of recently completed bridge using the Cu Steel is also provided.
  • Mar. '06
    Neptune’s Daughters: Copper-Nickel Creates Two Dream-team Alloys for Seawater Applications
    Sitting comfortably at atomic number 29 in the Periodic Table, the element Copper is a friendly, outgoing sort of person, getting on superbly well with both of her nearest neighbours...But it is with the element Nickel, at atomic number 28, that copper has a really special affinity. The elegant simplicity of their mutual relationship results in the uniquely performing, two copper-rich nickel alloys, CuNi 90/10 and 70/30. These two alloys are both so compatible with the exacting marine environment of seawater, that they could truly be regarded as the "daughters" of Father Neptune.
  • Nov. '03
    Copper Hull Sheathing Foils Barnacles
    Copper-nickel alloy C70600, when applied to a hull surface will provide excellent corrosion and biofouling resistance in seawater. When the copper-nickel alloy is provided in the form of a suspension in an epoxy resin and modern adhesive technology, it provides a thoroughly cost effective and labor-saving DIY solution for antifouling treatment.
  • Sep. '01
    Die-Cast Copper Motor Rotors Heading for Success
    A look a the on-going research designed to take advantage of copper's high conductivity in such a way as to enable the creation of ultrahigh-efficiency electric motors being conducted by an industry-government consortium of which the Copper Development Association (CDA) is a member.
  • Jun. '01
    Phosphor Bronze: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
    Just when you think a material has been developed as fully as possible, someone comes along and proves you wrong.
  • Sep. '00
    Copper in Third-Generation Antifoulants For Marine Coatings
    New copper-based coatings offer improved properties while avoiding environmental hazards associated with tributyltin.
  • Mar. '99
    Property Data on The Copper Page
    A new Web site will make available an expanded version of the data in the Copper Development Association's (CDA) Standards Handbook series.
  • Jul. '98
    Free-Cutting Brass: A Closed Environmental Loop
    A close look at the ease and thoroughness with which brass is recycled with emphasis on free-cutting brass (UNS/ANSI Alloy C36000).
  • Dec. '97
    Copper Alloy Molds:
    Why Didn't Someone Tell Me Sooner?

    A close look at the ease and thoroughness with which brass is recycled with emphasis on free-cutting brass (UNS/ANSI Alloy C36000).