Melt Copper: Furnace manufacturers

9.5.1 Inductotherm

Inductotherm, based in Rancocas, New Jersey, USA, is the world's largest producer of induction melting furnaces. Inductotherm has 20 manufacturing facilities in 50 countries, and employs 2,500 people around the world. Inductotherm was the company that built the induction melting furnaces used in the development and prototyping stages of the ICA/CDA copper rotor project.

9.5.2 Indutherm

An alternate furnace supplier is Indutherm, an induction furnace manufacturer located in Germany, who also produces a range of induction furnaces suitable for the single-shot melting of copper (note that despite the similarity of names, Indutherm is not associated with Inductotherm).

Company Name Contact Person Location Phone Number E-mail Address Web Site
Inductotherm Michael Nutt Rancocas, USA +1-609-267-9000 ext 319  www.inducto
Indutherm -- Walzbachtal / Wossingen, Germany +49-7203-9218-10 www.indu