Melt Copper: Holding Temperature

The melting temperatures of copper alloys C10100 and C11000 are listed in Table 9.2.1. The lower solidus temperature for C11000 is due to the presence of 0.04 wt. % oxygen.

Table 9.2.1: Solidus and Liquidus temperatures for copper alloys C10100 and C11000
Liquidus temperature 1083°C (1981°F) 1083°C (1981°F)
Solidus temperature 1083°C (1981°F) 1065°C (1949°F)

A furnace for copper rotor die-casting needs to be capable of heating the liquid copper to temperatures as high as 1250 to 1375°C (2282 to 2507°F). This represents a superheat of 167 to 292°C (300 to 526°F).