April 2016

Electric Fuse Panel

Quality = Power

Electrical power is critical to our daily lives. To deliver, clean, stable, reliable power to all of our appliances, gadgets, and equipment, following quality wiring best practices is key. Study up on some of CDA's recommendations for power quality best practices.
[Image courtesy of Tim Sackton]

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Wind Turbines

Renewable Delivery

In both solar and wind power generation, copper, with its high conductivity, low resistivity, and high efficiency electrical properties, is an essential material for many components and systems within the renewable energy economy.
[Image courtesy of Daniel Hoherd]

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Air-conditioning Units

Chiller Theater

As the main component is most medium to large central air-conditioning systems, chillers do the heavy lifting of transferring heat from incoming air and returning cool air into building environments. Care to guess what material performs best in transferring heat?
[Image courtesy of Ildar Sagdejev]

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5 Electrical Risks to Avoid This Season

With National Electrical Safety Month in May, CDA offers homeowners five tips for keeping their loved ones, and their property, safe from power outages, personal injuries and fires.
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Protect the Grid, Secure the Nation

As energy demands increase, the need for reliable and efficient energy systems grows as well. One threat facing these systems is cyber attacks and a need for security. Zolaikha Strong of CDA discusses this challenge in her article.
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Brass for North American Potable Water Applications: Value Chain Perspectives

Professional care has been deployed throughout the brass value chain to ensure that brass materials and components for drinking water applications are in compliance with lead-free requirements. This piece summarizes the North American regulatory landscape and reviews how producers and users of brass rod have adapted to meet new requirements.
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