February 2016

Copper pipes

The Plumber's Bible

The Copper Tube Handbook, published for decades by CDA, has been recently updated with the latest information on joining methods, techniques and the current standards. Use it as an on line reference, or download a printable copy today!

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Copper on the Vine

As the chief ingredient in both Bourdeaux mixture and Burgundy mixture, copper sulphate has long been a beneficial compound in the field of agriculture. Read about how this copper compound has been the farmer's friend for centuries.

[Photo courtesy of Noel Zia Lee]

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Bronze scuplture

American Artist

Sculptor Richard Hunt has worked with copper, brass and bronze for nearly half a century. Read about his impressive career in the arts, including the very first solo exhibition by an African American artist at the Met.

[Photo courtesy of Brian Angell]

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Broadcast and Communication Facilities Turn to Copper to Prevent Outages and Equipment Breakdown

David Brender, the National Program Manager for Electrical Applications at CDA, will address broadcast and communication professionals about the proper grounding and bonding techniques for communications facilities, including studios, transmitting sites and towers at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, in Las Vegas this spring. Brender’s session titled, “Case Histories and Fundamentals in Grounding and Bonding” is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th in Room S227 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #93

Get an in-depth look at Sergio and Sonia Lub's thriving family copper jewelry business, view the handstamped keepsake metal work of Brandi Alewine, learn about the legacy of American-made RGM watches, view historic works by Crafty Celts and more.
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The Demand for Renewable Energy

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According to data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electricity consumption has gone up and will continue to grow at 1 percent per year until 2035. As energy consumption grows, renewable energy technologies become even more valuable and necessary to meet demand and protect our environment.
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