CDA Staff

260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-251-7200
Fax: 212-251-7234

To contact our staff by Email, use the Email prefix shown for the appropriate person(s) followed by

Kireta, Andrew G., Sr.
President & CEO
Phone: 212-251-7223
Email prefix: andrew.kiretasr
Frank, Cynthia
Executive Assistant
Phone: 212-251-7213
Email prefix: cynthia.frank
Lozano, Luis J.
Technical Consultant
Phone: 212-251-7227
Fax: 860-621-5364
Email prefix: luis.lozano
Shapiro, Gene
Technical Consultant
Phone: 212-251-7228
Email prefix: gene.shapiro
Kearns, John J.
Principal Financial and Administrative Officer
Phone: 212-251-7239
Appel, Glenn
Staff Accountant
Phone: 212-251-7217
Email prefix: glenn.appel
Dorochina, Tatiana
Digital Media and IT Coordinator
Phone: 212-251-7201
Email prefix: tatiana.dorochina
Isayama, Maki
Manager, Information Technology
Phone: 212-251-7207
Email prefix: maki.isayama
Lee, Helen W.
Assistant Manager, Finance & Administration
Phone: 212-251-7215
Email prefix: helen.lee
Milman, Mila
Digital Media/Market Data Assistant
Phone: 212-251-7204
Email prefix: mila.milman
Zen, Emile S.
Group Controller
Phone: 212-251-7214
Email prefix: emile.zen
Weed, Robert D.
Vice President, OEM
Phone: 212-251-7225
Email prefix: robert.weed
Loi, Nelson
Media Publisher
Phone: 212-251-7205
Email prefix: nelson.loi
Sexton, Kyle
Project Coordinator
Phone: 212-251-7226
Email prefix: kyle.sexton
Technical Inquiries, Seminars and Information
Phone: 212-251-7218
Fax: 866-206-8110
Kireta, Andrew G., Jr.
Vice President, Market Development
Phone: 212-251-7231
Email prefix: andrew.kiretajr
Brender, David T.
National Program Manager, Electrical Applications
Phone: 212-251-7206
Email prefix: david.brender
deFay, Richard E.
Project Manager, Sustainable Electrical Energy
Phone: 212-251-7237
Email prefix: richard.defay
Moret, Harold
Project Manager & Piping Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7211
Email prefix: harold.moret
Peters, Larry E.
Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7219
Email prefix: larry.peters
Powell, Dale L.
Project Manager & Piping Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7202
Email prefix: dale.powell
Strong, Zolaikha
Director, Sustainable Electrical Energy
Phone: 212-251-7238
Email prefix: zolaikha.strong
Thompson, Craig L., Jr.
Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist
Phone: 212-251-7221
Email prefix: craig.thompson
Yetzetta, Marie
Project Administrator
Phone: 212-251-7218
Email prefix: marie.yetzetta
Estelle, Adam
Project Engineer
Phone: 212-251-7232
Email prefix: adam.estelle
Gorsuch, Joseph
Manager, Health, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Phone: 212-251-7220
Email prefix: joseph.gorsuch
Michel, James H.
Manager, Technical Services
Phone: 212-251-7210
Email prefix: james.michel
Moran, Wilton
Project Engineer
Phone: 212-251-7212
Email prefix: wilton.moran