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Communications Wiring for Today's Homes
A6019 Contractor Edition
A6057  — Remodeler Edition
A guide for electrical contractors, homebuilders and remodelers to help get a handle on low-cost, high-tech unshielded cabling comprised of four twisted pairs of copper wires. Briefly describes desirable home wiring schemes using Category 5 (or better) and RG-6 coaxial cable for phone, data and video communications.

A6068: Is Your Home Wired for the 21st Century?

A questionnaire encouraging consumers to self-inspect their homes to determine their need for adequate communications wiring for the Internet age. Contains ten questions with explanations. Also contains a list of questions to ask an installer in order to assess their qualifications. Available to installers in bulk quantities by calling 212-251-7200.

Telecommunications Case Studies:

A6164: An Old Timer Gets a Nervous System Transplant
The Philadelphia Art Museum, an 86-year-old institution, comes into the 21st century with Category 5 and 6 copper telecommunications wiring. The cables feature fast data speeds plus Power over Ethernet in some cases.