Building Construction: Natural Gas


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A4030: Copper Tube Sizing Calculator for Fuel Gas Distribution Systems

Simplifies the selection of the proper copper tube size based upon the required Btuh, Developed Length of Tube or Flow Rate (cfh). Using accepted engineering practice, the smallest allowable tube can be selected.
(5 page handbook and a calculator) $5.00
409/2: Copper Tubing for Mechanical Systems
[875 Kb]
Explains why maintenance-free copper is preferred for liquid or gas, high or low pressure, solar or conventional systems.
A4006: Fuel Gas Distribution Systems Design Guide—Copper Tube
[640 Kb]
Design guide for layout, specification and installation of copper tube in fuel gas systems. Illustrations and tables provide quick, useful references to the latest applicable National Fuel Gas Code and ASTM information.
(12 pgs.) 1 free (add’l $1.00 ea)
A4033: Using Flexible Copper Gas Tubing
[104 Kb]
Details the advantages to builders and contractors of flexible copper tube versus traditional black iron pipe for fuel gas distribution. Examines copper's low-cost and high-convenience features along with its unique suitability for both low- and high-pressure systems.
(2 pgs.)