Building Construction: Fire Sprinklers


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4043: Contractor Finds Copper System Saves More Than Just Pennies
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Phoenix's high-rise Municipal Building brought new awareness to installer and owner of how a copper sprinkler system can save money. Not only is the material easy to install, reducing labor costs; but can be cut and assembled right on the site, eliminating guesswork and time-consuming off-site fabrication and transportation. Reprint, U.S. Fire Sprinkler Reporter, July 1993.
A4026: Copper vs. CPVC for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
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Evaluates copper tube and CPVC pipe for use in fire sprinkler systems in terms of installation requirements, properties, performance and cost.
Fire Sprinkler Case Histories: (4)
Describes system design, technical details of the installation, and materials requirements for four copper fire sprinkler system installations:
405/4: Peabody Court Hotel
[2.7 Mb]
Retrofit of a 14-story, 105-room hotel originally built in 1930.
410/5: Pelican Bay Apartments
[3 Mb]
A three-story, 472-unit luxury apartment complex.
404/4: Stone Creek Apartments
[2.3 Mb]
A three-story, 248-unit apartment complex.
406/4: Wanamaker House Apartments
[2.8 Mb]
A 33-story, 333-unit apartment building.
A4003: Fire Sprinkler Systems
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A guide to designing and specifying soldered and brazed copper fire sprinkler systems. Covers standards and code acceptance, materials specifications, friction loss, flow capacity and installation.
4014: Phoenix Municipal Building: Copper Installation
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Shows simple techniques used to save time and money installing copper tube for an automatic fire sprinkler system in a 21-story Arizona building. Reprint, FPC Magazine, October 1993.
A4010: Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
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A design and installation guide for plumbing, mechanical and sprinkler contractors. Offers a simple but thorough explanation of NFPA Standards and expert tips on the use of copper tube for residential automatic fire sprinkler systems.