Copper Gas Web Industry Links

These sites contain additional gas industry and gas distribution system related information [some of these sites may not be fully operational as yet or the links not established with the appropariate key contact - this page will be continuosly updated as these links become active. Please check our site regularly for these updated links].

Copper Development Association - The industry trade association for the copper industry.

Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association - copper industry trade association for Canadian companies

Gas Technology Institute - Manages gas industry R & D and technology development projects

American Gas Association - The industry trade association focused on promoting the use of gas. Its staff are actively involved in marketing, codes & standards activities and providing support services to member companies.

Hearth Products Association - The industry trade association representing fireplace and related products suppliers, including the energy efficient gas fireplaces. Flexible copper gas tubing is the preferred and cost-effective choice to bring fuel gas to the fireplace.

National Propage Gas Association - The national trade association representing the propane gas segment of the fuel gas industry - copper tubing is the overwhelming favorite choice in this market.

Related Gas System Product Suppliers

M B Sturgis - supplier of quick-connect gas convenience outlets

Kamco - supplier of copper tubing with a protective coating

R. W. Lyall & Co. - supplier of manifolds for use with copper fuel gas system

Gas Utilities - Links to gas utility listings [From Google Directory Search]

Manufactured Housing Institute - the industry trade group for the manufactured housing sector. Manufactured homes. CDA is putting together plans to jointly promote the use of copper fuel gas systems in manufactured homes with MHI and AGA since the copper tubing is so ideally matched to the needs of this industry sector - flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability and ease of installation.