CDA to Host Webinar on Motor Management Best Practices For Facility Engineers and Building Professionals

July 9, 2015


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association (CDA) will host a free webinar focusing on the importance of implementing a motor management program and the technology behind the copper rotor motor. The presentation will, in addition, focus on the improved performance of the copper rotor motor to energy consumption.

Plant engineers, maintenance supervisors and facility managers who are involved in the specification and installation of electric motors for their factory, plant, commercial building or academic institution will benefit from this webinar.

Richard E. deFay, project manager, sustainable energy, for CDA, will lead the webinar and cover a brief history of energy-efficiency legislation and regulation, as well as a discussion of the importance of improved motor performance.

Mr. deFay will share best practices on whether to repair or replace a motor when it fails, and will describe the technology behind the copper rotor motor. Recent motor efficiency testing between the copper rotor motor and three permanent magnet motors at 7.5 HP will also be reviewed.

“Understanding motor management can lower energy costs, increase operational efficiency and reduce downtime when a motor fails,” said deFay. “CDA is providing this educational resource to give industry professionals the tools and knowledge to improve their motor family.”

The webinar, which will be moderated by Zolaikha Strong, director of sustainable energy for CDA, will allow participants to better understand what steps they can take to improve their own motor management and what information they need when making motor purchases. It is scheduled for Thursday, August 20 at 2 p.m. ET. The discussion will be 50 minutes long, followed by a 10 minute question and answer period.

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