Copper Industry Provides Electrical Contractors, Facility Managers and Professional Engineers Free Continuing Education Seminars

May 20, 2015


CDA Electrical Program Benefits Professionals at Data Centers, Military Facilities, Broadcasting and Communication Centers

NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association (CDA) is offering  continuing education to professional engineers, electrical contractors and facility managers through a host of different seminars and presentations focusing on proper copper wiring techniques, temperature adjustment and other electrical applications.

CDA is now registered with the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP), a nationwide portal for education for engineers, surveyors and A/C/E industry professionals.   These free courses cover a wide range of applications, and may lead to Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) recognized in most states for renewal of Professional Engineer licenses. (Acceptance of these programs by individual states should be determined by the attendee.) Training, seminars and presentations include:

  • Grounding and bonding for sensitive locations, such as broadcasting, emergency communications, and data centers
  • Rooftop and ambient temperature corrections
  • Copper and aluminum wiring systems and connectability issues
  • Energy efficient wiring systems and voltage drop considerations
  • High efficiency motors and transformers and life-cycle costing

“CDA is happy to offer electrical professionals or facility operators the proper training and education that they need to ensure that their facilities are operating safely, efficiently, and with little or no down-time or transient damage.” said David Brender, the National Program Manager for Electrical Applications at CDA.  “Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit project, many different groups can benefit from these free seminars. Our only requirement is that the person or group requesting the seminar organize and arrange for the presentation.”

In addition to professional engineers and electrical contractors, these courses are open to inspectors, apprentices and plant operators that work at data centers, military facilities of every type, broadcasting, public service communication centers, manufacturing plants and office complexes. 

CDA tailors a session on a variety of electrical topics for a group of 20 or more. For smaller groups, CDA may schedule more than one presentation in close geographical vicinity. A minimum of one hour is required to offer PDH’s, but seminars up to a full day or more can be arranged.  There is no charge for non-profits, and for-profit companies pay only for travel expenses.

For more information about CDA training, seminars or presentations, visit our Power Quality page.