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Spring 2000

Copper Roofs for Residences

Copper shingle roofing To replace the original shake roof, seriously deteriorated by sun and rain, the owner insisted on copper shingle roofing for this ocean-side home in Hawaii. The project was complicated by no less than 30 skylights.

Copper roofing, first applied 2,500 years ago and still widely specified by leading architects for commercial and institutional buildings, is growing in popularity for private homes. Taken with its beauty, durability and corrosion resistance, more and more homeowners are beginning to demand copper roofing.

Mike McKenna, a prominent auto dealer in Hawaii, insisted on copper-shingle roofing for his newly purchased home and guest house in Hawaii Kai, Oahu. Subject to much rain and the subtropical sun, the original shake roofing on the 16-year-old structures had deteriorated and discolored terribly. The 12,000 square feet of new roofing, required over 15,000 15"x9" shingles produced by Zappone Manufacturing, Spokane, Washington. They were stamped out of cold-rolled copper coils supplied by Hussey Copper, Ltd., Leetsdale, Pennsylvania.

The re-roofing was particularly tricky because of no less than 30 skylights. Since the roof was installed two years ago by Honolulu-based ASR, Inc., owner Fred Rehm has been asked to bid on several new copper-roofing jobs, including one now-completed home on Diamond Head that required 20,000 square feet of shingles.

Designed by Architrend Associates, Kettering, Ohio, the building was erected by Castlerock Enterprises, Inc.,

The owners of the 6,838-square-foot home in Arlington, Virginia, shown at right, also insisted on copper roofing. The roofing was seamed on-site by Valley Roofing, Purcellville, Virginia, from coils supplied by Copper Sales, Anoka, Minnesota. The roofer also installed copper window-head, sill and chimney flashing. All the copper gutters and downspouts were supplied by W. F. Norman Corp., Nevada, Missouri.

Copper seamed roof The owners of this handsome home in rural Virginia love copper. The sharply pitched roof required rolls of copper to be seamed on-site to create this beautiful look. Ceilings are highlighted by impressed copper; the banister of the main staircase and many fixtures are made of brass.

The Plaines, Virginia. In addition to copper roofing, the handsome home also offers many interior copper and brass accents, including brass railings on the main staircase and many brass lighting fixtures. Ceilings are highlighted by impressed copper sheeting also from W.F. Norman. Copper roofing products are also available from Outokumpu American Brass, Buffalo, New York, and Revere Copper Products, Rome, New York.

Architrend Associates: 937/436-6060
ASR, Inc.: 800/954-0111
Castlerock: 540/253-5657
Copper Sales: 800/742-5866
Hussey Copper: 724/251-4238
AB: 800/828-7426
Revere: 800/448-1776
Valley Roofing: 540/338-9700
W.F. Norman: 417/667-5552
Zappone: 800/285-2677

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