Copper Industry Applauds New York's Climate & Community Protection Act and Offshore Wind Power Project

McLean, VA (July 18, 2019) — The Copper Development Association (CDA) supports the Climate and Community Protection Act, which was signed into law by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today. The measure calls for the state to cut carbon dioxide emissions and to use carbon-free energy sources exclusively by 2040. CDA also applauds the announcement of the offshore wind-power project announced today.

“CDA is encouraged by New York’s commitment to become one of the largest wind producers in the country and we continue to advocate for economic policies that increase accessibility and integration of renewable energy sources,” said Zolaikha Strong, Director of Energy Policy and Electrical Markets, CDA.

As CDA’s recently release infographic illustrates, copper is a critical component of the cable, wiring, turbine and power generation, transformers and turbine transformers needed to power wind farms. Offshore wind farms like the New York project also require 170% more copper per MW on average than onshore wind farms.


Copper is a significant component of the wind and solar energy industry that offers superior conductivity, efficiency and reliability. The Copper Development Association (CDA) continues to participate in partnerships and advocacy efforts regarding energy policy and electrical markets. For more information visit,