May 2017

Spitfire Bar Bus

Bus Bar? It's Not What You Think

This may be the image that comes to mind when you hear the term "bus bar" but that's not it at all. Copper bus bars are rectangular conductors, mostly in the form of bars, that form critical junctures in electrical systems.

[Photo courtesy of Matty]

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Copper textures

Award Winning

The 2017 North America Copper in Architecture Awards have been announced. See some of the most dramatic and dazzling uses of this most modern of metals in the field of architectural design, both exterior and interior.

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Washington D. C. cherry trees

Spring Renewal

The seasons are renewable each year, just as solar and wind are forms of energy that are both abundant and renewable. Copper plays and integral role in both forms of energy generation, and plays a vital part in our renewable future.

[Photo courtesy of Anita Mishra]

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Copper Keeps the Hits Coming

Broadcast radio stations can encounter power outages, interrupted programming and costly repairs in the event of a lightning strike. In order to prevent these catastrophes, the MARC Radio Group installed a new code-exceeding grounding system, which has helped ensure uptime for its stations.
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Issue #100

Get an inside look at the work of the country's leading copper torch artists and sculptors, including Nicholas Yust, Copper Elemental, Barbara Lewis, Rochelle Ford, Fabitecture, Koja Designs and more.
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Architectural Awards Program Highlights Top Copper Projects From This Year and the Past Decade

The North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Awards program recognizes the use of copper in building design projects. See who won this year!
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