January 2017

Black bears sleeping in the snow

Can't Bear The Cold?

As winter's chill sets in outside, a DX geothermal heating and cooling system can keep the inside of your home in a comfortable range, and at the same time, keep your energy bills in a comfortable range as well.

[Photo credit: ForestWander]

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Tesla gigafactory

Winter Storage

No, not up in the attic or in your garage, but energy storage in a hardened, distributed, 21st century energy grid. Read how copper will play a major role in the energy future of our country and economy.

[Photo credit: Tesla Motors]

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Classroom scene

Smart Resolution

Start the new year off right by gaining some smarts. If professional education is part of your New Year's resolution, why not take a look at some of the offerings from CDA? We have semimars for architects, engineers, installers, many with continuing education credits.

[Photo credit: City of Boston Archives]

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CDA’s David Brender Provides Insight on How to Avoid Electrical Disasters

To ensure a relatively smooth operation in mission-critical facilities, exceeding the minimal requirements of the National Electrical Code is essential. David Brender’s session at the 2017 Building Operating Management’s NFMT Conference & Exhibition will cover how to make cost-efficient improvements in bonding, grounding and wiring that will prevent catastrophic events from occurring.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #98

Get an inside look at AFX studios and their larger than life LuminORE work for some of Hollywood's biggest films, meet sculptor Carolyn Palmer, view stunning restoration work by East Coast Tinning, role the dice with The Copper Kingdom and more.
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CDA’s David Brender to Speak on Design Considerations That Help Avoid Electrical Disasters

Exceeding the minimal requirements of the National Electrical Code is imperative in mission-critical facilities to ensure there are no power failures or outages. CDA’s David Brender will discuss how improvements in bonding, grounding and wiring can alleviate power problems at little cost at the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in January.
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