Pour Molten Copper

The method used to transfer the molten copper from the furnace to the die-casting machine will depend upon the type of furnace used to melt the copper, as well as the weight of copper being transferred.

During the ICA/CDA prototyping project, shot weights as large as 20 kg of copper were melted in a double push-up furnace and transferred by hand to the die-casting machine. In the figure above, the crucible was griped with a pair of tongs, and the weight of the copper and crucible supported by a chain held by a four-wheel trolley on an overhead rail. This basic system allowed rapid transfer of the crucible and liquid metal to the die-casting machine. Obviously, the transfer could also be automated, using the type of robot shown in Figure 10.0.1.

Figure 10.0.1: ABB robot

When the copper is melted in a tilting furnace, a controlled amount of copper will be poured into a ceramic cup (see Figure 10.0.2). A robot would then be used to pick-up the cup and transfer the liquid copper to the shot sleeve of the die-casting machine.

Figure 10.0.2: Hydraulic tilting of the furnace to pour the liquid copper into the cup, for transfer to the die-casting machine