Copper in the Natural Environment

The Biological Importance of Copper
The International Copper Association (ICA) has conducted annual reviews on the biological importance of copper since 1984. The reviews conducted since 1989 are available in this article.

Copper Roof Stormwater Runoff - Corrosion and the Environment
A paper presented at the 2002 NACE conference about a well defined watershed that was utilized to determine copper concentration, speciation and aquatic toxicity in stormwater runoff. Alternately, a summary of the early findings from this study as published in the April 1999 issue of Innovations.

Copper and Aquatic Life
Innovations spoke with Dr. Karl D. Shearer, Research Fisheries Biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service about how copper, in natural quantities, is essential to marine life.

Environmental Impact

Read these four case studies of the impact of copper and the copper industry on the environment, or one of these articles from Innovations on how companies in the copper industry have worked to mitigate the environmental impact of copper extraction:

Copper in Brake Pads
An informational sheet about copper in brake pads. CDA supports the conclusion of the Brake Pad Partnership and its plan to phase out copper from brake pads over a 15-year period.

Copper and Global Warming

A summary of articles from Innovations on the copper industry's efforts to help save the world from global warming: