Harnessing electricity may very well be mankind's most important contribution to history. Because of it we have light, computers, microwaves and most of the home appliances you can think of. Accordingly, to utilize the gift of electric currents, we depend on the reliability, safety and makeup of our electrical devices. Due to the strength, durability and reliability of copper wiring, it has become the standard for builders.

 It has been proven time and time again that copper wires are superior to any other. A new home wired with copper is doubtlessly prepared to handle most potential problems that could arise when using a home's electrical system. But unless your home was built quite recently, it's likely that the electrical system already needs some upgrading or repair. New electrical codes are making homes safer, and it's important to keep up with the changes. And with technology accelerating at an ever-faster pace, the need for power grows everyday. Older homes are especially hard-pressed to keep up with today's electrical demands. The symptoms are obvious, but are often overlooked or ignored. To assess your own home for danger signs, check out Do You Need An Electrician?, checklist of Top 10 Reasons to Call An Electrician, or learn how to Protect Your Home From Power Surges. If you are in the beginning stages of home renovations and are concerned about your electrical wiring, or are unsure if you need to upgrade, visit our Rewiring - Is It Time? page.

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