Technical References

Although copper tube is most commonly found in water distribution systems, it can also be used in other applications to add value and cut costs. To help you better understand all the options available, the Copper Development Association publishes handbooks and other technical reference guides. These include:

  • The Copper Tube Handbook - Features information on understanding and working with copper tube. Useful sections include "Standard Types of Copper Tube," "Selecting the Right Tube" and "Design and Installation Data."
  • Fuel Gas Distribution - Offers information on the advantages of copper tube for natural-and LP-gas distribution systems along with recommendations for materials selection and system design.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - Contains information on the advantages of using copper tube in this application and offers innovative approaches to combining fire sprinkler piping with hydronic heating. Also, includes a list of application handbooks for designing, specifying and installing fire sprinkler systems.
  • Copper & Copper Alloy Tube, Pipe & Fittings Standards: This white paper lists and provides a brief description of most common tube and fittings standards.
  • Soldering and Brazing: Discover installation tips and techniques about these two joining processes.
  • Soldering Procedure Specification: CDA-developed procedure for testing and qualifying installers of soldered copper piping systems. The Specification satisfies the requirements of ASTM B 828.
  • Guide Specifications on Plumbing: An aid for those who write building project specifications, it provides information related to the manufacture of piping system products, sizes, tempers, and technologies for joining. It also sets forth minimum recommendations for all of the above as they apply to a variety of piping systems for buildings.
  • Brazing Procedure Specification: CDA developed this publication in response to inquiries regarding methods and procedures required to qualify brazers for installation of noninflammable medical gas systems. It satisfies the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association standard, NFPA 99 - Standard for Health Care Facilities, 1993 Edition.
  • ARTI 21st Century Research Initiative: Link to the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technical Institute's Web site to learn about research on topics like decreasing energy consumption.
  • NSF Articles: National Sanitation Foundation articles on Lead Free Requirements of Safe Drinking Water Act, and a description of How Copper Tube is Certified.
  • Chillers: Learn more about the chillers from these technical articles on the nuts and bolts of chillers, benefits and savings offered by chillers.
  • Architectural: For information on copper architectural uses, such as flashing, gutters and downspouts.
  • Electrical: Copper telephone wires are carrying a lot more than voice transmissions these days, and to keep up as a builder, it's important to keep up with the changing technologies and applications for phone, fax, data and entertainment for today's "wired" homes. This section also contains the CDA's Guide to Remodeling.
  • Publications List: A complete listing of CDA publications for Automotive, Building Construction, Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Soldering/Brazing/Welding, Properties/Standards, Statistics/Directories and Special Publications.