Why Your Builder Chose Copper Communications Wiring

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Your builder knows...
when it comes to quality, copper is the answer.

What is communications cabling?

It goes far beyond plain old telephone wiring in order to handle the high-speed, high-capacity data transfer needs of today's modern home. Often called structured wiring, communications wiring is a special class of cable containing four twisted-pairs of copper wire. It's usually accompanied by coaxial cable and run from a central location to all rooms of the home that are likely to use the many services it can deliver.

Do I need it in my new home?

Yes. It enables you to realize the full potential of your computer and communications devices. Now, with structured wiring, you can easily and dependably network computers and printers, access the Internet via multiple phone lines, send and receive fax transmissions, enjoy video and entertainment services, and even operate your home security and climate control systems. What's more, you and your family can do all these things at the same time.

Will this wiring meet the needs of tomorrow?

Absolutely. And the day after tomorrow, too. It makes your home virtually "future proof." Up until now the weak link in communicating with the outside world has been the wiring in the home itself. Now, properly wired homes can take full advantage of today's technologies as well as tomorrow's.

Why a wired communications system?

Structured communications wiring is a proven technology. It's the best way to ensure full and reliable use of the services you want now...or in the future. It's been the recognized standard in office buildings for years, providing the high speed, high volume data carrying capacity that businesses require.

How much more am I paying to have communications wiring installed?

Very little. Actual installed cost will vary depending on your region of the country and the configuration of your system. From the day you move in, you get to enjoy the considerable benefits of a structured home wiring system, which if installed after construction, would be far more expensive. It also keeps your home from becoming obsolete. And that's a big factor when it comes time to sell.

Take a moment to find out more about the wiring used for your home's communications system. You'll see that quality is the reason your builder chose to install copper communications wiring.