An Abbreviated Bibliography of Power Quality Information Sources

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  • Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems: IEEE Green Book, Standard 142- 1992 (or latest edition) , IEEE, New York, NY.
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  • EC&M Practical Guide to Quality Power for Sensitive Electronic Equipment, DeDad, John and Waggoner, Ray, Intertec Publishing, Overland Park, KS, (latest edition).

In addition, the following two Web sites contain informative and technical information on grounding certain sensitive locations:

Copper Development Association Inc. also offers a CD-ROM on power quality topics, and a videotape on understanding harmonics. Please refer to the Publications List.

The preceding is a brief bibliography of publications on power quality and related issues. It is presented for informational purposes only, and CDA makes no representations as to its completeness and accuracy, nor that of any of the publications cited. CDA assumes no liability whatsoever for user application of any information derived from its use. Power quality issues may affect personnel safety, and a qualified engineer or electrical contractor should be consulted on all electrical matters.