15.4. Uplift Resistance of Roof Assemblies Test-Flat Locked Seam

Flat Locked and Soldered Roof Construction
Refer to UL Construction No. 550

15.4A. Test Panel Cross Section

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15.4B. Typical Roofing Panel

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15.4C. Typical Cleat Location

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15.4D. Typical Cleat

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UL Test Procedure 580 - UL 90 Rating

  1. Metal Roof Deck Panels

    Copper panel, max. width 16 ½", 22 ½" long with ¾" wide field formed folds. Fabricated from 16 oz., 0.21" thick, 99.9% pure cold rolled copper per ASTM B370. Corners cut off at a 45-degree angle. All sides of panels to be pre-tinned with 50/50 tin/lead solder. All seams to be hammered down with rubber mallet. Seams to be completely soldered, including panel cleats (Item 2).

  2. Roof Panels Cleats

    One-piece assembly, fabricated from16 oz, 0.0215" thick, 99.9% pure, cold rolled copper per ASTM B370. Width 2", length 3" with two 1/8" diameter guide holes for screws. Cleats to be folded into panel folds. Two cleats to be used at each panel side located along panel seams, 6" from edge.

  3. Cleat Fasteners (Screws)

    For attaching panel cleats (Item 2) to plywood (Item 7) to be no. 10-12 by ¾: long, #2 Phillips drive, flat head, head, stainless steel wood screws, two per cleat.

  4. Solder

    50/50tin/lead bar stock, 7/32" x 7/32".

  5. Red Rosin Paper

    Rosin paper 36" wide, 4lb. minimum. Side laps 3" wide, fastened with copper nails, random spacing.

  6. Underlayment

    One ply of Type 30 asphalt saturated felt. Side laps 4", fastened with copper nails, random spacing.

  7. Plywood

    APA rated sheathing, exposure 1, nominal ¾" thick (actual 23/32"), square edged.

  8. Fasteners (Screws)

    Fasteners used to attach plywood (Item 7) to steel deck liner panel (Item 11) to be no. 13-11, #3 Phillips drive truss head, coated steel screws with an "S" point.

  9. Insulation

    Polyisocyanurate, loose laid, 1" min. thickness, 2 ½" max. thickness with a glass fiber face bonded to each side. Butt joints staggered.

  10. Air Barrier

    Polycthylene sheeting loose laid 6 mil. Min. thickness installed between liner panel (Item 11) and insulation (Item 9).

  11. Liner Panels

    Min. no. 22 MSG steel deck, 1 ½" min. depth, 36" wide, with overlapping side joints (33,000 psi min. yield strength). Liner fastened to purlins (Item 12) with no. 12-24 x 1" long, self-drilling, self-tapping, hex-washer head, plated steel screws at each valley.

  12. Purlins

    No. 16 MSG min. steel, (50,000 psi min yield strength), spaced 5'-1" O.C. maximum