13.5. Flat Seam Roofing on Octagonal Spire

Description: Flat seam roofing is used on all the segments of the spire. Battens are used between segments. A copper finial flashes and tops the spire.

The minimum recommended weight for the panels is 20-ounce copper.

Substrate: Continuous nailable substrate.

Fastening Method: Cleats.

13.5A. Elevation

The copper finial can be simple or decorated. It is constructed similar to Detail 13.4B (Conical Spire). The flat seam panels are designed similar to flat seam roofing. The size of the panels is determined by the size of the spire segments.

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13.5B. Plan

An octagonal spire is shown, but practically any number of segments can be used to form a spire. Each segment is separated from adjacent segments by battens.

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13.5C. Section at Cornice

The upper edge of the cornice is locked into a 24 oz. copper lock strip with a 2" leading edge fold. The bottom edges of the roofing panels are folded and locked around the lock strip. The bottom edge of the cornice is supported by wood blocking and a continuous 20 to 24 oz. cleat.

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13.5D. Batten Detail

The battens are shaped to accommodate the change in angle between segments. The outer face of the battens and the caps can have virtually any profile. The batten cap is double locked into the roof panel and cleats.

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