CDA Supports NEMA Premium™ Efficient Motor Program

September 8, 2001


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association (CDA) today announced its support of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA Premium™ Efficient Motor Program. This program represents the consensus of the U.S. electric motor industry to define premium and efficient electric motor performance and application standards. In addition to its role as the information, technical and market development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industry in the United States, the CDA is a leading proponent of energy efficiency and power quality.

According to David Brender, CDA National Program Manager, electric motor-driven systems consume more than 60% of all industrial electricity generated in the United States each year. "With so much at stake, this program not only brings this urgent message to the industrial community, but offers real solutions at a time when electricity consumption and generation are critical issues impacting production and profitability," he says.

Brender also points to the fact that the average electric motor can cost up to 25 times its purchase price in operating costs over just one year. "With electric rates rising across the country, and peak prices several times the average, the benefits of higher efficiency motors have never been clearer. These motors incorporate a complement of premium materials that enable them to run cooler, last longer and perform more efficiently."

One element of the NEMA Premium Efficient Motor Program is a label that can be affixed voluntarily to products equipped with motors that meet and exceed the Association's standards. "It's rare for an individual motor to be purchased. It's usually part of a piece of equipment. We think this program can help remind and educate consumers that it's important to consider operating cost and reliability, not just price," Brender concludes.