CDA Debuts Telecom Installation Videos

February 9, 2001


ATLANTA— Telecommunications wiring for voice, video, data, security and Internet service is as important in residential construction as it is in business and industry workplaces. Old-style telephone and cable-TV wiring simply can't handle the flow of information required in today's rapidly evolving digital age.

To help installers, developers, architects, builders and remodelers understand the tools and techniques for installing a new generation of telecom wiring, the Copper Development Association has developed two VHS-format videotape programs, Infrastructure Wiring for New Homes and Infrastructure Wiring for Existing Homes. The videos demonstrate proper wiring procedures and equipment and show how to overcome installation obstacles encountered in typical residential situations.

According to William T. Black, vice president of Electrical & Electronic Markets for the Copper Development Association, "The phone wiring of the past is now obsolete. As of July 2000, the FCC requires Category 3 or better wiring for all installations, residential or commercial. CDA recommends Category 5 or better wiring plus solid-copper-core, quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cable as well." Black also stresses, "It's more important than ever that builders and installers get the training they need to properly install this wiring."

Black, along with other CDA staff, will be on hand to answer questions about telecommunications infrastructure wiring and the videos at Booth 657 in the new TecHOMExpo section during the International Builders Show.

The Infrastructure Wiring videos are available from CDA by going to the Telecommunications Publications and follow the instructions for ordering.