Description of Product Forms


- A solid rectangular section, or one with two plane parallel surfaces and round or other simple regularly shaped edges, up to and including 12 in. in width and over .188 in. in thickness.


- A solid cylindrical casting used for hot extrusion into rod, bar, tube, or shape or for hot piercing into tube.


- Stock brought to final dimensions by extrusion

Extrusion, Hot

- The process of shaping metal into a chosen continuous form by forcing it from a closed container through a die of appropriate shape.


- A term often applied to a thin flat rolled section usually .005 in. or less in thickness.


- See Hammer Forging or Hot Pressed Forging.

Hammer Forging

- A forging process in which the piece is deformed by repeated blows.

Hot Press Forging

- A method of forming parts by pressing a heated slug or blank cut from wrought material in a closed impression die.


- Seamless tube conforming to the particular dimensions commercially known as Standard Pipe Sizes.


- A flat rolled product over 3/16", (.188"), in thickness and over 12" in width.


- A round, hexagonal or octagonal solid section furnished in straight lengths.


- A solid section other than rectangular, square or standard rod and wire sections, furnished in straight lengths.


- A flat rolled product up to and including .188 in. in thickness and over 20 in. in width.


- A casting in the form of a bar used for rolling into strip


- A flat product, other than Flat Wire, up to and including .188 in. in thickness and generally furnished as follows:
  1. With slit, sheared or slit and edge rolled edges in widths up to 20 in. inclusive.
  2. With finished drawn or rolled edges in widths over 1 1/4 in. to 12 in. incl.


- A hollow product of round or any other cross-section, having a continuous periphery.


- A solid section, other than strip, furnished in coils or on spools, reels or bucks. Flat wire including square, however, may also be furnished in straight lengths.