Properties & Uses

  • Properties of Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys

    The updated copper alloys database includes all of the properties data that had been previously spread across multiple CDA publications. In a single search, you can find not only basic Chemical Compositions, Mechanical, Physical and Thermal Properties, but also extended information for many alloys on:

    • Casting Characteristics (for cast alloys)
    • Fabrication Properties
    • Typical Uses of Copper Alloys
    • Fabrication Practices and Common Fabrication Processes
    • Applicable Specifications (Cross Specifications Index)
    • Corrosion Properties

    You can search the alloys database in two ways:

    • The Basic Properties Search will enable you to find alloys by their UNS alloy number
    • The new Advanced Faceted Search will enable you to define a set of properties and other criteria to find an alloy or a group of alloys that meet your specific needs.
  • Properties of Copper
    Tables include general, atomic and crystallographic properties and features of copper.
  • Low Temperature Properties of Copper
    Tables and stress-strain curves of elastic and plastic properties of 15 alloys down to 4°K.
  • Cryogenic Properties of Copper
    Charts and graphs detailing copper properties at subzero temperatures.
  • Copper Compounds
    In addition to their many uses in agriculture and biology, copper salts have an astonishing variety of industrial uses, chiefly of a specialized nature, and there is hardly an industry which does not have some small use for them.
  • Microstructures of Copper Alloys
    Photo micrographs of commercially important and/or metallurgically interesting copper and copper alloys and processings.
  • Corrosion Protection & Resistance
    Corrosion resistance database and information on coatings & finishes.
  • Powder Metallurgy
    Covers production, consolidation, strengthening, copper in iron and steel P/M parts, and non-structural applications.
  • Metallurgy of Copper-Base Alloys
    How structure and properties of cast copper alloys depend on consumption and comparative data on applications and relative costs of 13 standard bearing alloys.