Design Dies: Die Materials

The inserts in the rotor die that are contacted by the liquid copper need to be fabricated from Hayes Alloy 230 and pre-heated and operated above 600°C. The supporting die holder can be fabricated from conventional die steels such as H-13 or 4140.

The chemical composition of the Hayes Alloy 230 is shown in Table 7.2.1.

Table 7.2.1: Chemical composition of the Hayes Alloy 230 (in wt%)
47.3 22 0.3 14 5 max 2 0.1 3 max 0.4 0.5 0.02

Contact information for Hayes International, the producer of Hayes Alloy 230, is shown in Table 7.2.2.

Table 7.2.2: Contact information for Haynes International
Company NameContact PersonLocationPhone NumberWeb Site
Haynes International Dr. V. Ishwar North America, Europe & Asia +1-765-456-6253