Sustainable Energy

Copper is an integral part of sustainable energy initiatives because of its reliability, efficiency and performance. Its superior electrical and thermal conductivities increase the energy efficiency of countless energy-driven systems that rely on electric motors and transformers. The same physical properties are vital in the collection and distribution of energy from solar, wind and other renewable sources.

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The Road to Sustainable Mobility is Paved with Copper

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This case study examines the development of the electric vehicle industry and outlines copper’s role in electric vehicle technology and charging infrastructure.
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Fact Sheet: Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 1.5Mb]
This fact sheet provides data on electric vehicle market demand and the implications for charging infrastructure. It also outlines the major role that copper plays in electric vehicle technology.
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Infographic: How Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 61 Kb]
This infographic shows how copper is used in electric vehicles and forecasts future growth in this market.
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cutaway of copper motor rotor

Electric Motors:

The use of copper in energy efficient motors for commercial facilities and industrial plants.
Electricity meters

Energy Efficiency:

Topics covered here include information on Smart Grid, definitions of efficiency, life-cycle cost and upsizing wire sizes for energy efficiency.
Energy storage units

Energy Storage:

Copper's significant role in energy storage applications and integration needs for the US market.
solar panels


Copper plays key role for commercial, industrial and utility sectors seeking alternative energy sources (sun and wind) to generate power.


Virtually all electric power in the country passes through at least one of these units before it's consumed.
Electric Vehicle being refueled

Electric Vehicles:

Copper is essential for powering this technology and its electrical infrastructure.

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