Using Copper to Achieve A Sustainable Future

A more sustainable future relies on the use of copper. The need to build structures that are healthy for their occupants and use less electricity and water, makes copper the top material choice for architectural and interior elements, building system controls, plumbing and HVAC equipment, mechanical systems and appliances, and energy generation, storage, and electrical applications.

Copper is one of the few materials to have products with HPDs verified by a 3rd party.  The verification enables a user to seek additional points under the recently revised Material Ingredients credits in LEED 4.1. 

Life Cycle Assessment - Copper Tube and Sheet

As an association committed to promoting the sustainable use of copper materials, CDA developed a life cycle assessment (LCA) for copper tubes and sheets produced in North America, in accordance with ISO 14040/44 and ISO 21930. With a cradle-to-gate scope, this LCA can be used to meet the LEED v4.1 Environmental Product Declarations credit, option 1.  For a list of participating manufacturers, please contact

Life Cycle Assessment - Copper Tube and Sheet [PDF - 1.64 MB]