Copper can be studied from many perspectives. As a metal, it has many unique and beneficial properties in the world today. Historically, copper is one of the oldest materials in use by man and can illuminate parts of our great history throughout civilized times. The production and use of copper are also important parts of our economy. Here are several articles discussing copper and its many benefits.

  • A Timeline of Copper Technologies

    Scroll through the past 11,000 years on this powerful timeline to observe how copper has advanced human civilization – from the Stone Age to the Modern Age… and into the future. Browse important copper developments to explore how they integrated with major inventions and world events. Click on 175 stories and enjoy digging deeper with over 1,000 links to help satisfy your curiosity. Some stories are linked to YouTube® to provide an audiovisual perspective to learning.

  • Civilization and Copper: The Codelco Collection

    This attractively designed book published by the world's largest copper mining company describes and illustrates copper's use and heritage from antiquity to the 21st century, all around the world. Learn how civilizations used copper to make jewelry, ornaments, utensils, weapons, religious objects, money, scientific and musical instruments, machinery and artwork – as well as myriad new uses for copper that are innovating our world today.

  • Copper Is...

    This interactive section looks at the properties and applications of one of our planet's most versatile resources: copper, along with its value to our society, today and tomorrow.

  • Copper Production from Ore to Finished Product

    A brief step-by-step description of the modern copper production process.

  • Copper Facts

    A collection of interesting facts and figures relating to copper and its many applications.

  • Introduction to Copper and Copper Alloys

    The webinar covers copper metals history timeline from 9000 BC to today. It reviews the modern copper alloys and the various numbers alloy series that are presently used. Additionally, selected alloys are highlighted and examples given of products made from these alloys that are used today.

  • History of Copper

    An extensive collection of information on history of copper through the ages, including the History of Copper in the U.S. and 60 Centuries of Copper.

  • The Statue of Liberty

    Learn facts about the Statue of Liberty, our most enduring symbol of freedom and the part copper plays in her lasting beauty and strength.

  • Copper & Kids

    An overview of copper through the ages, scientific experiments, fun & games, Private Whys? discovery unit and other educational resources for kids and teachers.

  • The Copper Learning Center

    For the advanced level student— high school or college— and industry professionals, CDA has developed an interactive education portal with in-depth content and more technical learning materials for your demanding requirements. Earn Learning Unit Credits while expanding your knowledge about this versatile and modern material. Find out more or start learning right now.