Machined Products

  • Free-Cutting Brass (Alloy C360)
    This section contains several articles about Free Cutting Brass including Application Data Sheets and articles pertaining to Screw Machine Products
    • European End-of-Life Vehicle Directive: Frequently Asked Questions [PDF - 702 KB]
      Do you have questions about the European End-of-Life Vehicle Directive and how it affects copper alloys? A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document is now available which includes key contacts for additional support.
    • Brass Recyclability: Environmental & Economical Advantages [PDF - 901 Kb]
      This publication speaks on many advantages that come from brass as a result of its superior recyclability.  Using actual production data, the unmatched secondary value of brass is described and supported by a value comparison.
    • Brass: Protecting the Viability of the Scrap Stream [PDF - 865 Kb]
      As the use of low or lead-free brass alloys grows, strict segregation of brass scrap is essential.  Learn about the importance of the scrap stream, the issue of scrap contamination and proactive steps the industry is taking to secure the viability of the scrap stream for generations to come.
    • Brass: The Cost-Effective Choice [PDF - 494 Kb]
      This publication describes the superior machinability and economic advantages of brass for screw machine products. A cost comparison for parts made from brass and steel is included to show why brass is the cost effective choice.
    • Brass for North American Potable Water Applications: Value Chain Perspectives [PDF - 322 Kb]
      Professional care has been deployed throughout the brass value chain to ensure that brass materials and components for drinking water applications are in compliance with lead-free requirements.  This piece summarizes the North American regulatory landscape and reviews how producers and users of brass rod have adapted to meet new requirements.
  • Forgings
    An introduction to copper and brass forgings, this document is written with the concerns of design engineers and purchasing departments in mind

  • Bronze Sleeve Bearings
    Are you designing for lowest cost?

  • Advisory Notice for Consumers of Brass and Bronze Rod Bar

  • Low Lead Copper Rod Alloys [PDF - 191 Kb]
    This publication describes copper rod alloys with lead content less than 0.25%. Although this selection guide is primarily used for plumbing applications these alloys are extremely useful in any applications that require very low lead content.

Machined Products
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