Selling with Copper: Showcasing Your Copper

Marketing a Winner Promoting Your Home's Hidden Assets

Marketing a Winner

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Marketing a winner If you build with copper, you're offering great quality and value to prospective buyers. What's the best way to get that message across? Start by displaying the Copper Quality Seal on the entry door or a front window. This gives you a convenient opportunity to point out a quality feature of the home you're selling right when you first enter with the customer.

Once you're inside, point out the hang tags promoting the 50-year limited warranty on copper plumbing displayed on kitchen and bathroom faucets. And open up the cabinets under the sinks and refer to tags displayed underneath. This provides a natural opportunity for you to tell your customers about the benefits of a home with copper plumbing. You can also exhibit the tags from copper pipes in the basement so customers know quality is consistent throughout your homes.

Prominently display copper's 50-year warranty certificates on counters or tables in your model homes. Refer to these displays during tours of your homes to tell customers about all of the provisions of the warranty. Also place the informational brochures in plain sight so your clients have easy access to all the facts. Refer to any or all of the five different brochures to highlight some of the finer points about your homes, including the copper wiring and brass hardware and fixtures.

In addition to displaying the printed marketing materials available through the Builder Satisfaction Program, you can also take advantage of a selection of graphics and suggested promotional copy highlighting the copper in your homes. You can download graphics of copper's 50-year Warranty Seal and the Copper Quality Seal, as well as text phrases-and then include them in advertisements, open house announcements or use them to enhance your own promotional materials.

The Builder Satisfaction Program marketing tools provide easy and natural opportunities to reinforce the message that copper adds value to a home. While a home's plumbing tube, wiring and hardware fixtures may not always be top-of-mind for homebuyers, displaying Builder Satisfaction Program marketing materials throughout your model homes and sales office allows you to conveniently and comfortably introduce the topic into discussion.

Selling copper quality will reinforce your image as a quality builder who cares about the buyer's quality of life, even after you make the sale.

Promoting Your Home's Hidden Assets

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Promoting home's hidden assets Using copper and brass inside and outside your homes demonstrates a commitment to quality workmanship and materials. To let your customers know about this commitment, you must emphasize what are often the "hidden" assets of a home.

When customers arrive to view your model home, start by pointing out any copper building products visible on the outside, including roof and window flashing, gutters and downspouts. Explain how these accents protect and beautify a home's exterior.

When it's time to enter the home, draw the buyer's attention to the brass doorknockers, hinges and locksets, emphasizing the security and elegance they provide.

Once inside, point out the window and cabinet hardware, as well as heat and air-conditioning registers. Using durable materials like copper and brass ensures that your customers won't have to worry about replacing their homes' hardware.

The copper accents in a home's kitchen offer another chance to reinforce your image as a quality builder. You can tell customers how copper and brass faucets offer beauty as well as protection from germs-thanks to copper's ability to kill bacteria.

In the basement, you can show buyers the copper electrical and communications wiring and talk about the significant benefits of these components-including the safety and enhanced data transfer capacity of advanced copper wiring.

The copper and brass accents in your homes provide many opportunities for you to prove yourself to your customers-to show them that you use the strongest, finest building materials in every aspect of your home. The only way to impress this upon them is to make them aware of it by showing and telling them how much value copper and brass brings to a home.