Table 1 - Copper Tube: For Gas Installation - ACR

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas
Commercially Available Lengths (1)
Nominal or Standard SizesDrawn (2)Annealed (2)
3/8 - inch to 4 1/8-inch 20 ft (3)
1/8-inch and 1 5/8-inch - 50 ft
(1) Individual manufacturers may have commercially available lengths in addition to those shown on this table.
(2) Drawn (hard) temper tube has higher strength than annealed tube and is supplied in straight lengths only. Annealed (soft) temper tube has a lower strength than drawn tube but is easily bent or formed. Annealed tube is available in straight lengths and continuous coils.
(3) Available as special order only.