2018 People's Choice Award Winner

For over a decade, the North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Awards Program has recognized hundreds of copper buildings from across the United States and Canada. This year, we sought out your help in selecting our first ever “People’s Choice Award” winner.

The United Association (UA)’s Local 130 Plumbers Training Facility is one of the latest additions to Chicago’s impressive architectural portfolio.

Intricate mazes of pipes created by plumbers are usually tucked behind the walls. It’s often difficult to even know what type of material is used. However, at Local 130 the materials are being highlighted on the building’s façade.

Featuring a stunning use a copper paneling and design, the project’s architectural firm, Gensler, sought to not only showcase copper’s incredible architectural applications, but draw attention to how essential copper is to the plumbing industry.

For their incredible work, Gensler’s architectural team was selected as the first People’s Choice Award Winner, which recognizes 2018’s most admired copper architecture project. Read more about the project on CDA’s blog, ThinkCopper.

Images from the People's Choice Awards Event

CDA Presenting the 2018 Peoples Choice Award

CDA Presenting the 2018 People's Choice Award to architectural firm, Gensler.

2018 Peoples Choice Award

The 2018 People's Choice Award.

CDA Peoples Choice Award Event

The 2018 People's Choice Award event.