2019 Public Statements

  • November 11
    The ABCs of HPDs: Increasing Transparency Around Copper’s Contributions to the Built Environment
    Copper has always played an important role in sustainable buildings given its durability, recyclability and superior electrical conductivity. Now, through third-party-verified Health Product Declarations® (HPDs), CDA and its members are also providing transparent reporting of material ingredients and associated hazards for nine common, copper-based, building construction products.
  • September 10
    North American Copper Industry Supports Governors’ Investments in Energy Modernization
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) applauds the National Governors Association (NGA) on its recently announced partnership with four states on electric grid modernization. The NGA will work with teams designated by each governor to evaluate updates to their state’s infrastructure. After a competitive application process, NGA – together with the US Department of Energy (DOE) – will work with partners from Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Rhode Island.
  • August 30
    North American Copper Industry Applauds Dominion Energy’s Investment in Electric School Buses
    As the school year gets underway, The Copper Development Association (CDA) salutes a new initiative from Dominion Energy that will help local school districts replace diesel school buses with electric buses over the coming years. Dominion Energy’s program will support 50 school buses at first and will add 200 buses per year for the next five years
  • July 18
    Copper Industry Applauds New York's Climate & Community Protection Act and Offshore Wind Power Project
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) supports the Climate and Community Protection Act, which was signed into law by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today. The measure calls for the state to cut carbon dioxide emissions and to use carbon-free energy sources exclusively by 2040. CDA also applauds the announcement of the offshore wind-power project announced today.
  • June 26
    New Report Reveals Strong U.S. Energy Storage Market Growth
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) is encouraged by a new report from Wood Mackenzie that shows the U.S. energy storage market saw a 148.8 MW deployment in the first quarter of 2019, growing 6 percent quarter-over-quarter and 232 percent year-over-year.
  • June 21
    North American Copper Industry Supports Clean School Bus Act
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) supports the recently released Clean School Bus Act, designed to assist school districts in replacing diesel buses with electric buses. The bill is backed by many U.S. Senators including Sen. Kamala D. Harris, D-Calif.; and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.
  • April 29
    CDA Applauds Recently Announced Statewide Clean Energy Goals
    Reduced pricing and new clean energy policies have positioned the U.S. wind and solar industries for significant growth.
  • April 5
    CDA commends DOE’s $28 Million Investment in Wind Energy
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) applauds the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) recent announcement to fund $28 million investment in research projects to accelerate wind energy technology and development in the U.S. These investments focus on advancements in offshore wind, distributed wind and tall towers.