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New Grounding and Bonding System Saves Ohio Dispatch Center Thousands of Dollars

Improper electrical grounding and bonding can cause expensive equipment failures that can take vital emergency communication systems offline. The city of Medina, Ohio turned to copper for solutions once their systems went offline.
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Dr. Mark Johnson Addresses Copper Industry on Clean Energy Technology Partnerships

Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Office delivers a keynote speech on federal partnerships with industry and academia, and the Department of Energy’s influence on the energy sector.
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Solar Energy Lifts Off at Airports

Airports are a perfect location for solar PV installations. Multiple airports around the world have already installed solar energy systems, which require copper to function efficiently and reliably. This case study examines the solar airport trend and its potential impact on the copper market.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #95

Get an inside look at Watermark Designs’ Brooklyn design shop, view copper stained glass by Anita Troisi, view the whimsical metal mobiles of JFJones, view the latest copper kettles of Caldwell Mountain Copper, and more.
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U.S. EPA’s Lead & Copper Rule Underscores Very Different Toxicological Profiles for Lead and Copper

In light of the recent Flint, Michigan water concerns and that city’s decision to replace their lead service lines with copper, the following article provides a comparison of the toxicological profiles and U.S. drinking water regulations for copper versus lead.
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