In The "Live/Work 2001" Showcase Project, Homes, Shops And Copper Products Happily Coexist

February 9, 2001


ATLANTA, GA— Downtown redevelopment has proved to be a thorny conundrum faced by city planners, developers and property owners alike-not to mention almost everyone who lives or works in a metropolitan center today. Most cities in the USA struggle with decaying infrastructures, a commercial exodus to suburban malls, and a loss of human vitality in their urban cores after business hours.

For this year's International Builders Show in Atlanta, the "Live/Work 2001" showcase project addresses this problem with intelligence, innovation, and a historically proven architectural plan designed to entice builders, businesses and residents back to the cities.

As a participating sponsor in the "Live/Work 2001" project, the Copper Development Association is displaying copper plumbing along with a cost-effective copper tube fuel-gas distribution system. The CDA has been working over the past year to make builders and installers aware that low-pressure systems using small-diameter annealed copper tube are a practical, easy-to-install method for delivering natural or bottled gas to household appliances. This system serves all of the gas appliances in both residences and businesses throughout the "Live/Work 2001" complex, including water heaters, clothes dryers, ranges and ovens, and gas-burning fireplaces.

"The Copper Development Association has been extremely helpful in this project," says Amy Padis, project manager for the builder, Beazer Homes of Georgia. "They provided the copper water and gas distribution systems, which we use in all our homes here in Atlanta, and which we regard as a quality feature for our customers-a feature that will last throughout the life of our homes."

Built along a quiet stretch of an industrial/commercial boulevard at the edge of Atlanta's downtown district, "Live/Work 2001" mixes professional offices and retail shops with attractive residences located above or behind the businesses. The all-brick, semi-attached buildings are constructed on a low-rise, storefront scale reminiscent of turn-of-the-century urban development. The "Live/Work 2001" complex was designed by renowned architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, who also created Seaside, an award-winning neo-Victorian residential community along Florida's Gulf Coast.

"Live/Work 2001" is open for tours during the International Builders Show, Feb. 9-12 (see Show bulletin for shuttle bus schedule). For more information on copper products, visit the CDA at IBS booth 4771, or contact them directly at 212-251-7200.