Copper Tube Web Site Offers Latest Technical Information and Marketing Resources

August 24, 2001


NEW YORK, NY— Builders, contractors and installers can now access regularly updated information on all aspects of copper tube via the newly revised Copper Development Association tube, pipe and fittings Web site.

The latest edition of the Copper Tube Handbook, technical specifications, installation instructions and more are available and easily accessible on the newly laid-out Plumbing Section of CDA's WebSite.

Additionally, users can opt to receive e-mails notifying them instantly of the latest developments in the copper tubing arena, and can e-mail CDA personnel with their questions through the site.

Free marketing materials to help builders promote their businesses and projects are also provided as part of the CDA's Builder Satisfaction Program. Graphics, brochure texts, press releases and more can be downloaded and used alone or to supplement existing marketing efforts.

The materials cover the benefits of copper in general, the 50-year warranty offered on copper plumbing and more. "Real" materials - such as customer brochures and display stands - are also free and can be electronically ordered through the site.

The site even provides text and audio clips featuring building professionals and homebuyers explaining why they feel copper is the material of choice for residential plumbing systems.

The revised site continues to offer the building and plumbing industry's most comprehensive information on copper tube and copper in general to plumbing contractors, home buyers and mechanical contractors, and engineers, and homebuyers.


The Copper Development Association is the information, education, market and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industries in the USA.

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