Builder Satisfaction Program "Most Successful" Industry and Consumers Embrace The Copper Standard

February 9, 2001


ATLANTA— In 1999, when the Copper Development Association introduced its Builder Satisfaction Program, the objectives were to demonstrate the benefits of copper plumbing to the homebuilding industry and to help builders who install copper plumbing more effectively market the homes they build. For CDA president and CEO Andrew "Andy" Kireta, Sr., the program has definitely met expectations all around.

"In just two years, our Builder Satisfaction Program has become one of the most successful industry incentives," Kireta says. "We enhanced the program last year, adding a powerful CD-ROM that delivers comprehensive marketing, technical and reference information. It helps builders show off the long-term performance properties of copper-not just for the plumbing of water and gas lines but also for wiring and flashing, and brass hardware and plumbing fixtures-it's terrific to see the way the industry has embraced this program."

To underscore the positive contributions of copper, and communicate the financial, safety, aesthetic and health benefits of this multifaceted metal, the CDA developed the program as a marketing, awareness, and incentive tool.

The Builder Satisfaction Program consists of a 50-year manufacturer's limited warranty on all installed copper plumbing products (see below for manufacturers included), a series of six pamphlets that answer questions on the wide range of end uses for copper in the home, and hang tags and counter displays that builders can use to showcase their participation and the copper quality in their homes.

The program also includes a number of promotional elements to aid builders in their marketing efforts. These include ready-to-use press releases, "drop-in" copy for sales brochures; "Copper Quality" and "50-Year Warranty" logos that can be incorporated into sales literature and promotional materials, and the CD-ROM.

"The Builder Satisfaction Program bridges the information gap between builder and consumer," Kireta adds, "and creates a 'win-win' situation by more clearly establishing copper as the preeminent material for plumbing products."

For more information on the Builder Satisfaction Program, contact the Copper Development Association at 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, or call 212-251-7200.

(Manufacturers participating in the 50-Year Warranty Program include: Cambridge-Lee Industries, Reading, Penn.; Cerro Flow Products LLC, St. Louis, Mo.; Elkhart Products Corp., Elkhart, Ind.; Howell Metals Co., New Market, Va.; Mueller Manufacturing Entities c/o Mueller Industries, Inc., Memphis, Tenn.; NIBCO, Inc., Elkhart, Ind.; and Wolverine Tube, Inc., Huntsville, Ala.)


The Copper Development Association is the information, education, market and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industries in the USA.

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