New CD-ROM from Copper Development Association Puts Marketing Materials, Information at Builder's Fingertips

January 14, 2000


Free Program from CDA is Designed to Boost Builder Sales

NEW YORK - The Copper Development Association will distribute copies of a new CD-ROM, which is expected to accelerate momentum and facilitate participation in CDA's exciting Builder Satisfaction Program. That program is designed to help builders use their association with copper and brass building products to promote the quality of their homes and attract buyers. The CD-ROM will be distributed to builders as part of a Builder Satisfaction Contact Kit, available at CDA Booth 4961 on the floor of the International Builders Show 2000 and through CDA regional managers throughout the coming year.

Content of the CD-ROM
The Builder Satisfaction CD-ROM; which contains text, colorful graphics and full-motion video; is organized in four major sections. The first section provides an overview of the program, including images and full text of free marketing materials available to participants. These materials include:

  • Manufacturers 50-year Warranty Certificates on copper tube and fittings for issue to homebuyers
  • Hangtags, which may be displayed in model homes and showrooms and repro sheets of the Copper Quality Seal and 50-year warranty logo for use in advertising and promotional literature
  • Consumer-information brochures explaining the benefits of copper plumbing, electrical and telecommunications wiring, brass hardware and other architectural products.
After assessing the available marketing materials and other Builder Satisfaction Program perks, users may register for participation-electronically, or by mail or fax using forms that can be printed out from the CD-ROM. Registration is free and provides access to information in the three remaining sections of the disk.

Section II of the Builder Satisfaction CD-ROM provides sales support for participants in the program. Full-motion video vignettes demonstrate how Builder Satisfaction marketing materials may be displayed in a model home and how to introduce the benefits of copper building products in the course of a sales presentation. Frequently asked questions on subjects ranging from cost comparisons copper plumbing materials with other types of pipe, to the environmental effects of copper mining and manufacturing are treated in text and video interviews with experts. Additional videos featuring prominent builders and typical homebuyers document the appeal of copper building products in the market and suggest further ways to augment sales presentations with information and anecdotes. Section III, entitled "Working with Plumbing Subcontractors," contains the wit and wisdom of Tim Carter, a former builder and licensed master plumber who now produces a syndicated column, Web site and radio and TV programs entitled "Ask the Builder." The section provides Carter's insights on selecting a plumbing sub, defining expectations, scheduling, measuring performance and resolving common problems on the job.

Section IV of the Builder Satisfaction CD-ROM contains the full text and illustrations of several CDA technical publications, including:
  • The Copper Tube Handbook, featuring information on understanding and working with copper tube. Useful sections include "Standard Types of Copper Tube," "Selecting the Right Tube" and "Design and Installation Data."
  • Fuel Gas Distribution, offering information on the advantages of copper tube for natural-, LP- and medical gas distribution systems along with recommendations for materials selection and system design.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems, which contains information on the advantages of using copper tube in this application and offers innovative approaches to combining fire sprinkler piping with hydronic heating.
Guide Specifications, which is an aid for those who write building project specifications and provides information related to the manufacture of piping system products, sizes, tempers and technologies for joining. It also sets forth minimum recommendations for all of the above as they apply to a variety of piping systems for buildings.

Additional Features
The Builder Satisfaction CD-ROM also includes references to more CDA publications and contact information for CDA regional managers and other staff experts. The disk provides a special link to the CDA Web, giving users instant access to technical references and Builder Satisfaction Program updates, which will be posted as the program develops.


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