Builder Satisfaction is Goal of New Copper Industry Program

December 8, 1998


NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association announces an innovative new program to provide marketing materials along with sales training and technical information to home builders who use copper and brass building products. Dubbed the Builder Satisfaction Program, the initiative's centerpiece is the 50-year manufacturer's limited warranty on all copper tube and fittings.

Other marketing materials available under the new program include hang tags and counter cards displaying the "Copper Quality" seal for point-of-purchase display in builders' model homes. CDA also offers a display rack and a series of brochures aimed at prospective homebuyers explaining the benefits of plumbing and architectural products made from solid copper and brass, and the advantage of all-copper electrical wiring.

"We've designed this program to give builders who use copper and brass a marketing edge with their customers," says Andy Kireta, CDA vice president for tube, pipe and fittings. "We're giving builders a chance to capitalize on the high value perception of the products our industry produces. And we want to use the program to develop closer relationships between builders and CDA," Kireta adds.

Participants in the Builder Satisfaction Program may also request seminars conducted on site by CDA personnel for sales representatives. The sessions feature information on how to enhance sales by highlighting the performance and appeal of copper plumbing and other high-value copper building products. Technical training on the design and installation of copper plumbing systems is also available.

Participating builders will also receive electronic files with logos and other marketing materials, including text that they can easily adapt to news releases and ads to promote their image as quality builders in local newspapers. The Builder Satisfaction Program also gives builders direct access to critical technical data and installation information available from CDA experts.

"With the Builder Satisfaction Program, we've tried to create a comprehensive marketing and information effort to support our customers," Kireta says.

For information on how to participate in the Builder Satisfaction Program, contact: Copper Development Association, 260 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016; call 212-251-7200 or visit CDA's Plumbing section.


The Copper Development Association is the information, education, market and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industries in the USA.

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