Copper Industry Announces 50-Year Warranty for Plumbing Products

December 19, 1997


NEW YORK— The U.S. copper industry is introducing a fifty-year limited warranty on copper plumbing products installed in residential buildings. The unprecedented limited warranty, effective January 1, 1998, covers copper water tube and fittings and guarantees homeowners that manufacturers will back those products against defects in material or manufacture.

According to Andy Kireta, Sr., a spokesman for the industry's chief trade group, the Copper Development Association, "This is one of the most extensive warranties available in residential construction. It puts into writing the industry practice of more than 70 years to provide follow-through service and protection to homeowners."

Eight manufacturers comprise the copper tube and fittings industry in the United States, and each offers the limited warranty. "These are strong companies that will be around for a long time to back that warranty," added Kireta.

The limited warranty is transferable to succeeding owners of a home over a 50-year period. The limited warranty begins on the date of the new home purchase or the date of home additions or renovations. It provides for replacement of defective products and their installation. Situations not covered by the warranty include improper installation, abuse such as vandalism, natural disasters, and attachments not authorized by the manufacturer.

Copper meets or exceeds building codes in all 50 states. The limited warranty may vary from state to state, in accordance with specific state requirements.

The eight companies backing the limited warranty are: Cambridge-Lee Industries Inc. of Reading, Penn.; Cerro Flow Products LLC of St. Louis, Mo.; Elkhart Products Corporation of Elkhart, Ind.; Halstead Industries, Inc., of Greensboro, N.C.; Howell Metals Company of New Market, Va.; Mueller Industries, Inc., of Memphis, Tenn.; NIBCO Inc., of Elkhart, Ind., and Wolverine Tube, Inc., of Huntsville, Ala.

Warranty details and a copy of "Why You Should Choose Copper Plumbing" are available from the Copper Development Association at 212-251-7200, or through local builders, plumbers and wholesalers.


The Copper Development Association is the information, education, market and technical development arm of the copper, brass and bronze industries in the USA.

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