October 2018

Swiss Army Knife


Liquid or gas? High or low pressure? Regardless of your application, copper tube is the right choice because of it's strength, performance characteristics, and versatility. Copper tube is truly the Swiss Army knife of materials.

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Bridge with trees in fall colors

Warm Below

As the thermometer falls and the leaves turn colors, the temperature underground remains constant. Geothermal heating (and cooling) technology takes advantage of the earth's constant temperature to keep your home warm in the chillier months.

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Flowchart process

High Standards

There are literally hundreds of alloys of copper. From high coppers, to bronzes, to brasses, to other, more specialized alloys that mix a wide variety of other elements with copper to create unique alloys with uniquely different and beneficial characteristics. Learn about the Unified Numbering System that keeps all of these alloys organized.

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New Video Highlights How Flint is Solving Its “Water Crisis”

Flint selected copper piping for the city’s lead replacement plan due to its durability and anti-corrosive properties
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The Copper Development Association Joins Auto, Utility, Labor & Environment Leaders Unveiling Report Charting Path to Cut Transportation Energy Use in Half

CDA President Thomas S. Passek Serving on National Commission Launching Campaign to Capitalize on New Technologies and Huge Economic Opportunities to Save Energy
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #108

Get an inside look at the Airsteam studio of Handcrafted copper jewelry maker Jennifer DaRin, view works by Buddy Knight, Frederic Remington, Constantin Brancusi, and more.
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