April 2019

Solar panels on a roof

Spring Renewal

The seasons are renewable each year, just as solar and wind are forms of energy that are both abundant and renewable. Copper plays and integral role in both forms of energy generation, and plays a vital part in our renewable future.

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Pipe in ocean water

Seawater Worthy

Copper-nickel alloys are widely used for marine applications due to their excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, low macrofouling rates, and good fabricability. They have provided reliable service for decades within marine engineering structures.

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Meters in a line

Copper Fuel Gas Systems

Using good engineering practice, a system can be optimally designed using the smallest allowable size of tube that will supply gas to the appliance with appropriate volume and pressure.

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10 US and Five Canadian Projects Receive Copper Architecture Award

The North American Copper in Architecture Awards program recognizes excellent uses of copper in residential, educational and government buildings
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Voltigeurs de Qu├ębec Armoury

Copper in the Arts: Issue #111

Get an inside look at the handcrafted copper gaslights of Bill Shook, view the mesmerizing new copper and mixed media exhibit by Matthew Barney, see new works by Jack Whitten, get a sneak peek at Boston's new MLK sculpture, and more.
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