March 2019

Recycle Symbol

Recycling: It's the Nature of Copper!

Nearly all of the copper ever mined since it became man's first metal is still in use. It's recyclability has been an intrinsic value long before recycling became a buzzword.

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Copper Pipes

Preventing Corrosion In Underground Copper Pipes

Under most normal conditions, copper pipes are highly corrosion-resistant, but certain scenarios or circumstances can lead to unusually aggressive corrosion. Here are ways to identify potential problems and how to mitigate them.

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Microchip up close

A Guide For Designing Electronic Connectors

Most of us can't get through the day without plugging in, connecting and linking up with some device in our lives. For engineers designing the critical components for these electronic gadgets, we offer a comprehensive design guide.

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Copper in the Arts: Issue #110

Get an inside look at Rockefeller Center's famous bronze Promethius Sculpture, view new works by Cathy Vaughn, discover the art of the trumpet, and more.
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New Video: How-to Install Copper-Iron Alloy Tubes

New video provides installation tips for a new copper alloy rated for HVAC applications
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New Video: How-to Install Copper Press-Connect Systems

A Simple Installation Method to Create Strong Joints for HVAC Systems
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