February 2018

Washington Dollar Coin

Coins of the Realm

In 2016, the U.S. Mint issued the final three coins in its series of Presidential Dollars. As we celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln this month, see how they and other notable Presidents have been portrayed on a dollar coin.

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Recycle Sign


Did you know that copper has an infinite recyclable life, and that much of the copper that goes into the manufacturing process comes from recycled scrap? So everything old is new again, through the magic of recycling…as long as it's made with copper.

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Copper Wires

Great Conductor

If you ask the pros -- electrical contractors and instructors of the trade -- an overwhelming majority would choose copper for the electrical wiring in their homes. See how bigger, fatter wires work better and deliver greater energy efficiency in your home.

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How to Avoid Electrical Disasters and Safeguard Critical Data

Data centers house our nation’s most critical information, from hospital records and online sharing, to storing our military’s classified information on a private cloud; but what is the cost when an electrical disaster shuts down a data center?
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Copper Industry Sustainable Energy Director Selected to Present on Importance of Electric Grid Efficiency and Resiliency at GLOBALCON 2018

The Copper Development Association’s (CDA) Director of Sustainable Energy, Zolaikha Strong, will discuss how improving the U.S. grid infrastructure is critical to securing the nation’s energy supply and to benefiting the economy at GLOBALCON 2018.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #104

Get an inside look at the majestic metal sound sculpture work of Harry Bertoia, learn about the newest trends in sustainable jewelry, view an Abraham Lincoln sculpture made entirely of pennies, and more.
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