July 2018

Green Firework

Copper in the Night Sky

Copper Sulphate imparts the green color in the fireworks you see at night and is used in many other applications within agriculture, public health, textiles, and more.

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Man reeling in a fishing rod

Gone Fishing

While fishermen typically have tackle boxes filled with all types of gear, and sometimes even a few "secret" sure-fire, fish-catching lures - the smart angler will have copper in their box.

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Images of Bearings

Keep it Moving

Bronzes are unquestionably the most versatile class of bearing materials, offering a broad range of properties from a wide selection of alloys and compositions. This data sheet describes the most used standard bearing bronzes and is aimed at helping the designer select the right bronze. 

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15 Copper Buildings Receive Architectural Honors

The North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Awards program recognizes the use of copper in building design projects. See who won this year!
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CDA’s Energy Expert to Examine Copper’s Pivotal Role in the Energy Revolution at NEMA’s Wire and Cable Industry Forum

Technical advancements are rapidly changing the electrical marketplace and the capabilities of the technologies our society depends upon. To fuel the energy revolution, a reliable, plentiful and efficient power source is needed – copper.
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CDA’s Sustainable Energy Director to Chair the Platts Transmission Planning and Development Conference

Zolaikha Strong to highlight Copper’s Role in Grid Technology at Key Industry Event
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