October 2017


Preparing for Winter

Whether it's wildlife or homelife, we all have to prepare for the coming of winter. CDA has a number of common sense suggestions for home owners on how best to prepare your house for the chilly days to come.

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Autumn Bridge

Conserving With Copper

The path to a cleaner, sustainable future involves a lot of energy conservation, and nothing promotes or contributes to substantial reduction in energy use than the energy efficiency achieved through more copper in our electrical systems.

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Incredible Variety

There are more than 800 different copper alloys available today. Blended with other elements like tin, zinc, and nickel, copper alloys can exhibit an incredible variety of physical, mechanical and thermal properties, suitable for almost any use or circumstance.

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Upgraded Grounding and Bonding Systems Prevent Costly Disasters for Florida Radio Group

[PDF - 5.7 Mb]
After discovering that their grounding and bonding was inadequate, three FM radio stations located in Trenton, Florida installed new copper grounding rods, some as long as 80 feet, in order to minimize costs and maximize on-air time.
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Fact Sheet: Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 1.5Mb]
This fact sheet provides data on electric vehicle market demand and the implications for charging infrastructure. It also outlines the major role that copper plays in electric vehicle technology.
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Infographic: How Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 61 Kb]
This infographic shows how copper is used in electric vehicles and forecasts future growth in this market.
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