April 2017

Underground Sign

Under Ground

Proper installation of copper tube under the ground requires the proper tools, preparation, and an understanding of the installation environment. See the different methods and tools for putting copper underground.

[Photo courtesy of Jon Sullivan]

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Shopping Carts


If you're in the market for a specific alloy to meet a current or future project need, why not try searching our Fabricator database? Our listing of both fabricators and servicenters is both up-to-date and comprehensive. Try it!

[Photo courtesy of Paul L Dineen]

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Golfer Putting

It's in the Hole!

Copper in your golf bag? Absolutely. As the weather turns warmer and the greens beckon, consider adding a putter made from a copper alloy to improve your game and score.

[Photo courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen]

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Architectural Awards Program Highlights Top Copper Projects From This Year and the Past Decade

The North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Awards program recognizes the use of copper in building design projects. See who won this year!
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10 Year Anniversary Winners

The winners of the voting contest for Copper in Architecture Awards's 10 Year Anniversary. See the 10 winning projects from the last decade.
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Broadcast Radio Stations Turn to Code Exceeding Techniques to Ensure Uptime

Power outages, interrupted programming and costly repairs are just a few of the potential outcomes a broadcast radio station could encounter in the event of a lightning strike. CDA’s David Brender will explore actual cases where lightning strikes caused extensive damage to broadcast and communication facilities and how a lightning protection system helped eliminate them with the attendees of the NAB Show on April 22.
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