October 2020

Copper Patina

The Architect's Best Reference

The Copper in Architecture Design Handbook is the go-to reference for working with all copper architectural elements. Whether in roofing, wall-cladding, or specialized applications -- both exterior and interior -- the Design Handbook covers it all.

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Pie Chart with different metals

Need Specifics?

If you're a materials engineer or designer looking for a copper material with very specific characteristics, properties or chemistries, try the Advanced Faceted Alloys Search. You can narrow your selection based on dozens of mechanical, physical and composition properties that will meet your needs and exacting standards.

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Blowtorch to a copper pipe

Soldering and Brazing Explained

For many years the two most common methods of joining copper tube and fittings have been soldering and brazing. These tried and true methods are in a number of ways similar, yet there are also several distinct differences that set them apart. 

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Of Current Interest

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CITA: Issue #120

Get an inside look at the work and lives of iconic bronze sculptors and jewelry makers, including Nancy Schön, Élan Young, Chris Navarro, J. Anne Butler, Wangechi Mutu, and more.
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CITA: Issue #119

Get an inside look at the patina copper works of Adam Colangelo, view works by Roger Casey and Marylou Ashooh Lazos, view a virtual tour at The Frick, learn about pure copper 3D printing and more.
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CDA's Spring Meeting Postponed until 2021

The CDA 2020 Spring Meeting, originally scheduled to take place on June 2-4 in New York City, will be postponed to 2021.
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