September 2020

Copper Patina

Strong to the Finish

Copper is a natural material and hence "ages" or patinates over time in reaction to the surrounding environment. Copper surfaces can take on a number of various shades, depending upon the alloy, environment, and artificial treatments it may be given. Discover the many effects and "faces" of copper that are possible for your next design project.

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Copper Pipes


Liquid or gas? High or low pressure? Regardless of your application, copper tube is the right choice because of it's strength, performance characteristics, and versatility. Copper tube is truly the Swiss Army knife of materials.

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Boat Hull

Smooth Sailing

Due to their naturally occurring resistance to seawater corrosion and intrinsic biofouling properties copper-nickel alloys have long been widely used in the components of seawater systems. From offshore oil and gas platforms to power and desalination plants and from commercial shipping to naval shipping, copper-nickel fittings have performed superbly in a host of marine applications. 

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Of Current Interest

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CITA: Issue #119

Get an inside look at the patina copper works of Adam Colangelo, view works by Roger Casey and Marylou Ashooh Lazos, view a virtual tour at The Frick, learn about pure copper 3D printing and more.
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CDA's Spring Meeting Postponed until 2021

The CDA 2020 Spring Meeting, originally scheduled to take place on June 2-4 in New York City, will be postponed to 2021.
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CITA: Issue #118

Get an in-depth look at the bronze art of Jennifer Frudakis-Petry, the copper works of MiniWim, the iconic bronze legacy of Dr. Richard Bergen, and more.
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