March 2018


Sprinklers Overhead

Copper’s versatile design and simple installation makes copper piping ideal for sprinkler systems. This low-maintenance and long-lasting metal provides safety and fire protection in today's modern buildings.

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Metal Pie Chart

One Big, Happy Family

Mixed with other metals such as tin, zinc and aluminum, copper can yield an amazing spectrum of alloys with a wide array of properties and benefits. Learn about this and other facts about our favorite metal.

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Electrical Cars Charging

Smooth Cruising

Electric vehicles have evolved from a dream to a practical reality. On average, 85 to 180 pounds of copper are used in electric vehicles for electric motors, batteries, inverters and wiring.

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How to Avoid Electrical Disasters and Safeguard Critical Data

Data centers house our nation’s most critical information, from hospital records and online sharing, to storing our military’s classified information on a private cloud; but what is the cost when an electrical disaster shuts down a data center?
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Copper Industry Sustainable Energy Director Selected to Present on Importance of Electric Grid Efficiency and Resiliency at GLOBALCON 2018

The Copper Development Association’s (CDA) Director of Sustainable Energy, Zolaikha Strong, will discuss how improving the U.S. grid infrastructure is critical to securing the nation’s energy supply and to benefiting the economy at GLOBALCON 2018.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #104

Get an inside look at the majestic metal sound sculpture work of Harry Bertoia, learn about the newest trends in sustainable jewelry, view an Abraham Lincoln sculpture made entirely of pennies, and more.
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