March 2017

Old picture of people skating

Slip, Slidin' Away

All metals deform by means of a mechanism called slip, and copper's atomic structure allows for the maximum number of slip planes of any known metal. See how copper's ductility and other unique properties makes it ideal for a number of machined applications.

[Photo Courtesy of The Library of Congress]

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Virgil Elliott's Melancholy

Old Masters

Did you think copper in art was only in bronze sculptures? Think again. Artists have been using copper as their canvas for painting, and copper as pigment in the actual paints they used for centuries.

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Self-driving Uber car


Self-driving cars seem to have been a futuristic dream for so long, but they're almost ready for prime time. As companies like Google and Uber test and refine the technology, what will our driverless future look like?

[Photo Credit: Dllu]

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Broadcast Radio Stations Turn to Code Exceeding Techniques to Ensure Uptime

Power outages, interrupted programming and costly repairs are just a few of the potential outcomes a broadcast radio station could encounter in the event of a lightning strike. CDA’s David Brender will explore actual cases where lightning strikes caused extensive damage to broadcast and communication facilities and how a lightning protection system helped eliminate them with the attendees of the NAB Show on April 22.
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Copper Connects Microgrids with Smart Grids

Microgrids are making the world more efficient and less reliant on huge, ineffective power systems.
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Flint Selects Copper Piping to Solve Drinking Water Infrastructure Crisis

Mayor Karen Weaver and FAST Start Coordinator Michael C. McDaniel told hundreds of participants attending the Flint Water Infrastructure Summit that copper pipe will be used to replace the City of Flint’s entire lead and lead-tainted galvanized iron service lines.
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