July 2017

Statue of Liberty with Fireworks

Copper-clad Independence

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, we want to remind everyone of our most iconic symbol of America: The Statue of Liberty, and how she is entirely clad in a beautifully patinated layer of copper. Liberty, enrobed in copper, Enlightening the World.

[Photo Credit: katjen/Shutterstock]

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Coin machine

Nickel Still Goes A Long Way

When alloyed with copper and other elements, nickel brings a number of very unique and useful properties. Copper nickel alloys exhibit a high degree of corrosion-resistance, making them the ideal choice for harsh, highly corrosive environments, such as sea-water and other marine applications.

[Photo Credit: Joe Mabel]

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Sun through palm trees

The Heat is ON

When the temperture goes up, your car needs to rely on its cooling system to keep it running smooth without overheating. An efficient and lightweight radiator is the core of that system and nothing beats the heat transfer properties of a copper/brass radiator.

[Photo Credit: Ken Kistler]

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CDA Launches How-to Videos for Working with Copper Threaded Adapters and Flanges

CDA's newest videos in the "Do it Proper With Copper" video series teach plumbing professionals how to braze threaded copper adapters and solder and braze copper alloy flanges.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #101

Get an inside look at two of America's most notable copper buildings, and view new works by artist Paul Rung, Etta + Odie, Sam Anderson and more.
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CDA Sustainable Energy Expert to Address Global Tech Execs and Leaders at Electric Vehicle Technology Expo

CDA's Director of Sustainable Energy will speak at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo to discuss copper's role in powering electric vehicles.
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