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Copper Blocks Damage to Denver Fire Station’s Communication System

Because the Denver Fire Station decided to upgrade their lightning protection system, copper prevented major damage during a recent thunderstorm. “For us as an emergency response organization it’s critical that we respond every time, so we had to stop the damage,” said David Markham, CFPD’s Division Chief of Operations.
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Motor Management Best Practices Part 3: Repair Specifications, and Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Establishing and adhering to an electric motor maintenance program can ensure the longevity and efficiency of a facility’s motor systems. Any manufacturer whose machinery or facility runs on a motor system should utilize this type of plan.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #88

Get an inside look at the Thomas Edison Museum and the role copper played in his inventions, discover the wire wedding topper art of Amber Weaver, check out Carson Sio's handcrafted copper mugs, and more.
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Commissioning and Disinfecting Copper Plumbing Systems

Once a copper plumbing system has been installed, the system should be flushed and commissioned for service. While there are no special requirements for commissioning and disinfecting a copper system, there are precautions that should be taken to ensure the commissioning and disinfection procedure do not damage the system.
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Copper: Material for a Modern World

This new video produced by the International Copper Association, ICA, provides compelling evidence of copper’s unique role in sustainable development and how the copper industry is committed to positive actions addressing many of mankind’s greatest challenges.
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