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Copper Development Association Names New Head of Health, Environment and Sustainable Development Program

CDA has chosen Carrie Claytor to lead its Health, Environment and Sustainable Development (HESD) program. Centered on providing valuable scientific data and regulatory guidance to the industry, CDA’s HESD program delivers information on copper in areas including toxicology, environmental protection, human health, and sustainable development.
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Copper Development Association Provides Comparative Efficiency Analysis for Electric Motors

Richard DeFay of CDA presented comparative efficiency analysis for electric motors at the EEMODS 2015 Conference.
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Magazine Features CDA's Motor Management Best Practices

Plain and simple, copper makes motors more efficient. Read our tips on how to run your industrial facilities motors more efficiently.
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Soldering of Copper Alloy Flanges

Description of a step-by-step process necessary to satisfactorily fabricate soldered joints in cast copper alloy flanges.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #89

Check out the new Lynda Benglis exhibit at Storm King Art Center, view new works by copper artists Anthony Patti and John Searles, discover the chemistry behind Jeff Hinkey's work, view a rare glimpse of the Kopper Kart, and more.
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