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Architectural Awards Program Showcases Copper’s Beauty, Durability and Sustainability with Historic Cathedrals, Government Landmarks and Other Notable Buildings

Historic cathedrals, government landmarks and other notable building projects among 2014 North American Copper in Architecture Award recipients.
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CDA Addresses Techconnect World Innovatation Conference on Projected Market for Grid-Level Energy Storage

Markets for energy storage technologies in the United States are expected to grow substantially through 2030, with increased investments spurred by state and federal regulatory policies that encourage renewable sources of electric power to supply the grid, according to Zolaikha Strong, CDA Director of Sustainable Energy.
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Building & Architecture News

The B&A Newsletter contains three major stories of achievement accomplished by CDA. From restorations to helping hospital expansion projects and educating the industry on new no-lead copper alloys, CDA staff is moving the copper industry forward with their expertise and dedication.
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New video discusses how a greener and more sustainable future is reliant on one of the world's oldest metals. Copper drives tomorrow's energy technologies and helps us do more with less energy consumption. Thus making our environments a better place.
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Building Wire

Copper wire systems are the most widely used of all electrical systems and are often found whenever reliability and connectability are important. Review newly posted paper on "Recommended Practices for Designing and Installing Copper Building Wire System".
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