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Designing a Desert Oasis: Achieving LEED Certification With Copper

Together with GreenCE, the Copper Development Association (CDA) has developed a two-part video case study, highlighting the craftsmanship of the Health Sciences Education Building at The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix (HSEB) as one of the most innovative, sustainable construction projects in the United States utilizing copper.
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Call for Entries: 2014 North American Copper in Architecture Awards

Submissions for the 2014 North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) awards program are now being accepted. The Copper Development Association (CDA), in collaboration with the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CCBDA), is looking for the most innovative projects across the United States and Canada that are designed with copper and the alloys.
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The Safe Drinking Water Act and Copper Alloys

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1974 governs drinking water quality in both municipalities and rural water districts and was established to minimize chemical and bacterial contamination of drinking water.
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Copper in the Arts: Issue #81

View works by Michael Biddison, Michael Cane, Karisma by Kara, learn about the world's first copper crown, and more.
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Copper Use in Renewable Energy Expected to Increase Dramatically as U.S. Legislates Upgraded Energy Policies

In 2012 renewable energy accounted for over half the new capacity installed, according to President Obama’s climate change action plan. Due to copper’s inherent properties and its preferred use in renewable energy systems, this shift in the national agenda also presents a significant opportunity for growth for the copper industry. (May 2013 Issue of "Mining & Power" magazine)
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