April 2015

Patina copper curl

Patina, By Any Other Name

Changing colors over time highlights the natural character of copper as a material. See how architects can use copper's unique properties to enhance and accent their projects. [Courtesy of cobalt123]

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Tesla in motion

Electric Vehicles: No Longer Fantasy But Challenges Lay Ahead

As many of us have seen a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf on the streets, we know electric vehicles are no longer just prototypes, but it takes a network to bring them to the next level. [Courtesy of NRMA Motoring and Services]

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Recycle Sign

Recycling: It's the Nature of Copper!

Nearly all of the copper ever mined since it became man's first metal is still in use. It's recyclability has been an intrinsic value long before recycling became a buzzword. [Courtesy of Chris]

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