June 2016

Collage of 2016 NAICA winners


See the latest and greatest architectural projects featuring prominent and beautiful copper elements. The winners of the 2016 Copper in Architecture Awards have been announced!

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American Gothic painting by Grant Wood

It's A Family Affair

Brasses and bronzes are two of the most commonly known and popular "families" of copper alloys. Mixed with other metals such as tin, zinc, and aluminum, copper can yield an amazing spectrum of alloys with a wide array of properties and benefits. Read this and other facts about our favorite metal.
[Photo Credit: Ed Bierman]

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Tiny motor


When calculating savings from a motor refresh or upgrade, it's natural to focus on just the motor, but there's much more to it than that. Read about how other pieces of the system—including the transformer and wiring—can add to the overall system savings.
[Photo Credit: Dale Mahalko]

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Dr. Mark Johnson Addresses Copper Industry on Clean Energy Technology Partnerships

Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Office delivers a keynote speech on federal partnerships with industry and academia, and the Department of Energy’s influence on the energy sector.
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Copper Industry Announces Support for Conference Committee on Comprehensive Energy Policy

Trade organization applauds Rep. Tonko’s designation as conferee and looks forward to a comprehensive energy bill emphasizing sustainable energy rebates and infrastructure development
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Copper Development Association Announces Dr. Mark Johnson as Keynote at Spring Meeting

Director of Advanced Manufacturing Office will address potential opportunities for the copper industry and the DOE.
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