September 2015

Codo 241 Featured Project

Looking for Inspiration?

If you'd like to see some stunning and contemporary uses of copper alloys in a variety of modern architectural and design applications, look no further than our collection of featured projects. From historic restorations to ultra-modern new construction, the creative use of copper alloys will surprise you.

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CDA Seminars Photos

Back to School

Did you know that CDA offers a wide range of seminars, presentations and classes for just about every application and profession using copper today? Expand and deepen your knowledge of copper materials in one of CDA's professional-led courses.

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Running cheetah

Built for Speed!

In the high-speed world of 21st century broadband Internet, 1GBaseT networks are wired with advanced-standard copper wiring for both maximum speed and reliability. Read how efficient copper remains on the cutting edge of today's communications technology.

[Photo courtesy of Mark Dumont]

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Top Apprentices Compete in the 28th Annual UA Competition

The top apprentices from North America and Australia showcased their craftsmanship at the 28th annual United Association International Apprenticeship Competition (UA). More than 30 young men and women from across the five major disciplines vied for the title of “Copper King” during the copper portion of the competition, put on by CDA.
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CDA’s Electrical Expert to Address the Importance of Grounding and Bonding at the BICSI Fall Conference

Proper grounding and bonding systems are crucial for public service and broadcast communication and data centers. During the BICSI conference, Dave Brender of CDA will provide a presentation reviewing best practices and techniques for installing and maintaining a reliable grounding and bonding system. Copper’s corrosion resistance properties make it perfect for this application.
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Soldering of Copper Alloy Flanges

Description of a step-by-step process necessary to satisfactorily fabricate soldered joints in cast copper alloy flanges.
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