November 2014

Ceridian building

Innovation in Architecture

Architects and designers are using copper, brass and bronze alloys in a number of striking architectural projects around the U.S. and Canada. Take a look at what copper can add to a new or renovated building in our Featured Projects section. If you've got an innovative and creative use of copper in your project, submit it for addition to our list of highlighted projects.

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Fabricator search snapshot

Searching for a Supplier of Copper?

The CDA Fabricators Database is the most complete and up-to-date listing of suppliers of every active alloy in whatever form you may need. Whether it's foil, sheet or tube, electrical, plumbing or machining, you'll find the right supplier for your needs in this one source.

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It IS Easy Being Green...With Copper!

Thanks to its efficient conductive properties for heat and electrical energy, greater use of copper in a wide range of applications leads to not only greater energy efficiency but also greater savings and better business results on the bottom line. Read a Department of Energy study about the business case for greater energy efficiency. [Photo courtesy of Chris Zielecki]

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